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What are the key points in selecting the rolling bearing association

wallpapers News 2020-12-04

The choice of bearing and shaft matching is mainly related to the size of the load, the level of speed, and the direction of the force. For example Ordinary motors mainly suffer from the radial force, which is caused by motor power output or external load; of course, depending on your host situation, there may also be some axial force and impact load. Generally speaking, the outer ring of the bearing is loosely matched, such as H7, J7; the inner ring is generally selected to be tightly matched, such as k5, k6, etc.


The clearance between the bearing and the shaft may be determined according to the size of the bearing. For example, the matching tolerance between the inner ring of the bearing with a diameter of 40mm and the shaft is shaft diameter +-0.01, which is better.


What are the characteristics of the matching of bearings and shafts?

1. The inner ring of the bearing basically rotates with the shaft. In order to avoid the relative sliding of the matching surface of the inner ring and the journal, which will cause wear and affect the working performance of the bearing, it is necessary to have a certain degree of interference between the matching surfaces.


2. Because the inner and outer rings of the bearing are basically thin-walled parts, they are prone to deformation once the interference is too large. So choose a transition fit.


3. The selection of transition fit is relatively convenient in the process of special matching, and it is also easy to disassemble during the process of bearing replacement. When choosing another combination, the shaft and bearing will wear out, which may promote the damage speed, and it is not easy to repair and disassemble.


What is the transition fit?

Transition fit refers to a match that may have clearance or interference. At this time, the tolerance zone of the hole and the tolerance zone of the shaft overlap each other. The transition fit is mainly used for the centering connection between the hole and the shaft.


1) The difference between the maximum limit size of the hole minus the minimum limit size of the shaft is the maximum gap Xmax, which is the loosest state of the hole and shaft matching.


2) The difference between the minimum limit size of the hole minus the maximum limit size of the shaft is the maximum interference Ymax, which is the tightest state of the hole and shaft matching.


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