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Classification of clearance of rolling bearings

wallpapers News 2020-12-04

The clearance of a rolling bearing refers to the maximum distance that can be moved between the inner and outer rings of the bearing under no load, that is, when the bearing is not assembled on the shaft or the bearing box, the inner ring or the outer ring is fixed, and then The amount of movement when the unfixed side moves radially or axially. According to its moving direction, the radial movement is called radial clearance, and the axial movement is axial clearance.


Classification of clearance


The radial clearance of the bearing will change correspondingly under different conditions, so it can be divided into original clearance, assembly clearance and working clearance:


(1) The original clearance refers to the clearance in the free state after the complete set of the bearing is assembled in the machine and equipment. It is determined by the processing and assembly of the manufacturer.


(2) The assembly clearance is also called the fit clearance, which is the clearance when the bearing, the shaft and the bearing seat are assembled but not yet working. Mainly because of interference assembly, or enlarge the inner ring, or shrink the outer ring, or both, all make the assembly clearance smaller than the original clearance.


(3) The working clearance is also called the effective clearance, which refers to the actual clearance existing in the bearing under the condition that the bearing is assembled in the main engine and achieves a stable operation with corresponding temperature rise under the corresponding load function. The working clearance is smaller than the original clearance, but compared with the assembly clearance, it is mainly because the inner ring has the largest temperature rise and the largest thermal expansion during operation, which reduces the bearing clearance. At the same time, it is mainly due to the effect of the load. , The elastic deformation caused by the contact between the rolling element and the raceway makes the bearing clearance increase. Whether the actual clearance is larger or smaller than the assembly clearance depends on the combined effect of these two factors.


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