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Maltodextrin is only to be used with water reducers and pumps agents. This concrete retarder can defer the cement's hydration process and permit concrete to move from the station onto the site.

Description This is Maltodextrin Maltodextrin can be a starch derivative with no free starch. It is refined and spray dried using an enzymatic process

Technical Parameters Maltodextrin

Items Appearance DE Value(%) Moisture (%) Solubility Value of PH Sulfate Ash (1%)
Standard Yellow or white >=99.0
<=0.001% 4.5-6.5 <=0.6

Concrete uses maltodextrin
In building materials admixture, maltodextrin may be added to slow down the setting and delay heat of hydration.
Maltodextrin, when compared to other retarders has a greater effect on concrete and better workability.
Maltodextrin is only to be combined with water decreaser and pumping agents. This concrete retarder can defer the hydration of cement, allowing concrete to move from the station onto the site when it's needed.

Be aware of the following: Maltodextrin
1. This product is not toxic and innocuous, it can be biodegraded, but it cannot be eaten.
2. You should rinse it with lots of water if it gets in your eyes.
3. A doctor should be consulted immediately if allergies are caused to certain parts of the body.

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