Judgment criteria for failure of high temperature angular contact ball bearings

wallpapers Products 2020-12-11

The quality and sales of high-temperature angular contact ball bearings are very reliable. It is a world-famous brand with professional assembly lines and strict factory inspections. It is sold all over the world to provide support for the world\'s industrial development. But we know that any kind of high-temperature bearing has a life span and cannot run indefinitely. No matter how good high-temperature angular contact ball bearings are, they may fail, so what are the criteria for determining the failure of high-temperature angular contact ball bearings?


1. Surface inspection

The forging of high-temperature angular contact ball bearings has to go through strict forging, bearing heat treatment, turning, grinding and bearing equipment, and other rigorous procedures. Various processing procedures will affect the service life of the bearing. Among them, the quality of imported angular contact ball bearings is directly related to the failure of angular contact ball bearings. With the continuous advancement of scientific and technological testing, the surface testing of angular contact ball bearings found that the grinding process of the metamorphic layer is closely related to the quality of the angular contact ball bearing surface.


2. Raw materials

The metal used in the manufacture of high-temperature angular contact ball bearings was once a major factor affecting bearing failure. Now with the continuous progress of metallurgical technology, the extraction of raw materials has been greatly improved, and the quality of materials has also been greatly improved. The current quality of raw materials The factors in bearing failure have been significantly reduced, and this problem still exists at this stage.


3. Manufacturing and use

Whether the selection of materials for bearing manufacturing is qualified is also a factor that must be considered for bearing failure. In the usual detection of angular contact ball bearing failure, it is mainly based on a large number of materials, data analysis, failure environment, and forging process to find angular contact ball bearings. The main factor of failure is solved, which facilitates the continuous optimization of angular contact ball bearings and the improvement of service life and efficiency. Extend the service life of angular contact ball bearings to avoid sudden early failure of the bearings.


The installation condition is one of the most important factors in the use factors. Angular contact ball bearings are often caused by improper installation, resulting in changes in the stress state between the various parts of the angular contact ball bearings. Angular contact ball bearings are operating in abnormal conditions And expire early. According to the technical requirements for installation, use, maintenance and maintenance of angular contact ball bearings, monitor and inspect the load, speed, working temperature, vibration, noise and lubrication conditions of the bearing in operation, find the cause immediately and make adjustments if abnormalities are found Bring it back to normal.


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