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Steps to get a Bhutan visa


Steps to get a Bhutan visa

1. Book and pay for your trip to Bhutan.

Paying in full for your trip to Bhutan (SDF) is the first thing to do when applying for a Bhutan visa. Your visa program will receive an approval letter when payment reaches the Bhutan Tourism Board. With this letter, the local agency will make the final visa application.

Note: Payment in installments is not possible. Full payment is required for visa processing.

2. Provide a scanned copy of your passport.

Remember to email a scanned copy of your passport to your agency after you have paid the full fee. Please ensure that the copy you provide us is in color and clearly visible.

Since all the formalities are done online, you do not need to send your original passport to a Bhutanese travel agency.

Note: Please make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months.

Steps to get a Bhutan visa

3. Get the visa approval letter and print it out.

The Bhutan Immigration Department will issue a visa release letter within 72 working hours after receiving the final application from the Bhutan travel agency. You should arrive about 10 to 3 days before departure, and this will appear as an electronic document in your email inbox.

Note: Be sure to print out the Bhutan visa approval letter as it is required for check-in at the airport.

4. Stamp visa on passport upon arrival.

A visa to Bhutan is stamped on your passport upon entry, either at Paro International Airport or at the land border with India. Please note that the First Letter of Reference issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not valid for travel. Note: Passengers without a valid visa release letter (please print out in advance) will be denied check-in at the check-in counter.

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