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Outdoor LED touch screen input or output market classification and prospects

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Outdoor LED touch screen input or output market classification

There are currently two types of outdoor LED touch screen input or output on the market:

Architectural landscape: The hardware is grid LED, and most of them are displayed on the external facade of the whole building. The form of display is a mostly light show. Limited by the clarity of the display and the shape of the building, the display content is mostly text-based.

Advertising LED screen media: The hardware is a large-area LED screen, and the display form is a regular brand advertising display. The display content is mainly pictures and videos.

In terms of resource distribution, it is divided into urban commercial office district architectural landscape, urban commercial district architectural advertising media, and urban arterial road architectural advertising media.

From the perspective of resource ownership, the site property rights, screen ownership, and screen management rights of resources are divided into several situations:

The building owner holds the property rights of the site and the ownership of the screen: the owner builds the screen itself and owns the property rights of the site and the ownership of the screen. However, the owner does not necessarily hold the right to operate the screen.

The operator holds the property rights of the site and the ownership of the screen: the operator and the owner sign a long-term lease or purchase the right to use the site, invest in the construction of the screen, own the ownership of the screen, and engage in independent operation.

The operator holds the right to operate the screen: the operator buys the right to operate the screen from the owner of the screen, and only has the right to operate advertising.

Outdoor LED touch screen input or output resource management

The operators of outdoor LED touch screen input or output resources mainly have several forms of cooperation according to the situation of resource ownership:

1) The building owner builds its own screens, and the owner builds its own advertising media company to operate and is responsible for its own profits and losses, such as Jingcheng Media.

2) The building owner leases the right to use the site, the advertising media company invests in the construction of the screen and operates it independently, and the media company pays the owner for the use of the site, such as Phoenix City Media.

3) Screen equipment manufacturers hold the owners of the screens, operate by self-built advertising companies, and pay or not pay for the use of the venues, such as Lianjian Optoelectronics and Lianjian Cultural Media.

4) The screen owner outsources the operation to a professional advertising company, and the professional advertising company pays the screen owner to the screen owner.

The resource-dependent building has architectural value and regional value, but it does not directly bring value to the media resource itself. The operator manages resources from the following aspects:

1) Management in the form of traditional outdoor advertising media

The geographic location characteristics of the packaging point resources, and the revenue from the advertising time of the selling point resources.

2) Operate by way of video media

The electronic outdoor LED touch screen input or output possesses the technical capabilities of multi-terminal simultaneous release, selection, and control of advertising time slots. Operators operate screens in the form of video media or TV media and provide advertisers with diversified time products, that is, video websites and TV advertisements are copied to the big screen. Under this business form and philosophy, the operator is not considering the value of location but is doing traffic in front of this screen to enhance the traffic value of this media screen. For example, Phoenix Media combined with Phoenix Satellite TV\'s content to permanently broadcast the city network news content on its screen; Windows Internet uses video content operation to transplant common interactive forms on the mobile phone to the large screen, thereby enhancing the value of time.

Outdoor LED touch screen input or output advertiser

Advertisers advertise on outdoor LED touch screen input or output, essentially not because they want to market the people covered by the big screen, but because of the topic. These advertisements posted on large screens attached to landmark buildings have their own attention and topical hot spots. Passing audiences take pictures of these large-scale, fresh, and interesting advertisements and upload them to social networks, combined with various media platforms. Create momentum, which aroused the attention of the second spread.

Advertisers placing advertisements on outdoor LED touch screen input or output are not only a recognition of the geographical location of the large screen, but the large screen or the building attached to the large screen as a unique IP locally, even nationally, and globally.

The touch screen input or output application

1.Information display: passenger flow in the scenic spot, publicity in the scenic spot, event announcements, broadcast announcements, etc.;

When there is a lot of traffic during holidays, the touch screen input or output will play a bigger role. The RISINGLCD touch screen input or output can show scenic spots, release warm reminders, real-time environmental monitoring information, temperature reports, etc., which not only allows scenic visitors to take the lead in enjoying the beauty of the scenery but also makes playing more convenient, safe and enjoyable.

2. Performing stage beauty: folklore art performances, presenting wonderful moments;

Now the scenic spots will fully excavate local art and folk culture to produce rich programs to attract tourists. RISINGLCD touch screen input or output makes full use of its excellent video playback function and color display effect. The stage is designed with a touch screen input or output, a flexible and changeable background, and the sound and light effects of the stage are also true and magical. It brings a strong visual impact to the visitors, makes the audience feel immersive, and allows visitors to appreciate the strong Regional style stage performances.

3. Inquiry and interaction: practical interactive screens in scenic spots;

For example, query maps, tour routes, watch introductions to scenic spots, conduct interactive visits, and other rich activities (query interaction). At present, the RISINGLCD touch screen input or output has been widely used. Ticket collection machines, inquiry machines, etc. all use the Internet + cultural tourism to realize the conversion from offline to online and increase user retention.

RISINGLCD touch screen input or output relies on the advantages of excellent performance, ultra-high price, spot supply, and localized services. The installation of S-LCD displays in scenic spots has become a trend and trend in the development of smart tourism. In the future, S-LCD displays will undoubtedly have more room for development and penetrate into more application areas in scenic spots.

The touch screen input or output supplier

RISINGLCD (WITH BRAND OF RISING STAR) is a professional highlight LCD manufacturer from China, as a superior global supplier, a modernized high-tech enterprise with 100 employees including 20 highly qualified and well-trained engineers. Due to our 2, 000 square meters’ factory and a monthly production capacity of 10, 000 pieces, we can meet your demands. Specializes in manufacturing and distributing all types of LCD modules, LCD monitors, LCD digital signage, Touch Screen, etc. Now our products have been widely used in games, finance, communication, electricity, transportation, hospitals, estates, travel and government lines, stations, 4S shops, museums, exhibitions, libraries, hotels, and entertainment KTV. Our markets cover Asia, North America, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Central, and South America, and Oceania. For more information about LCD, welcome to contact us via:


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