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Why can chromium oxide be used in petrochemical industry


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What is chromium oxide?

The molecular formula of chromium oxideis Cr203 oxide, with a molecular weight of 152, dark grass green crystalline powder, a loved one density of 5.21, a melting point of 1990 ℃, insoluble in water, a little soluble in acid, and magnetic. Common chromium substances consist of yellow-green crystal potassium dichromate K2Cr207 with a family member density of 2.7, yellow crystal potassium chromate K2Cr04 with a relative density of 2.5, yellow crystal sodium chromate Na2CrO4 · 10H2O, yellow crystal lead chromate PbCr04. The above chromium salts are disintegrated into Cr203 under a lowering environment; It is the colored oxide of eco-friendly glass; Under the condition of strong oxidation, the amount of high-valent chromium CrO3 is more, which makes the glass yellow and also environment-friendly; In a solid alkaline glass (such as high lead glass), the glass is colored yellow mainly by Cr03. Cr203 and also CuO share a location of pure eco-friendly. In creating containers and also containers, inexpensive chromium slag (the residue after chromite production) is usually made use of. In the manufacturing of porcelains, it appropriates for producing environment-friendly polish, red polish (adding standard lead chromate 2PbO · PbCr04), grey glaze (adding ZnO), as well as yellow sleeve (adding TiO2). It is the raw product for making environment-friendly color concrete.

Crystal framework of chromium oxide Cr2O3 has an aAl2O3 structure, and also this corundum-type crystal is made up of octahedral spaces created by thick piling of oxygen ions and dental filling of M ions. The ionic distance of Cr as well as O2 are understood to be 0.069 nm and 0.132 nm, respectively 52, in the variety of 0.414 ~ 0.732, so the control variety of Cr+is 6, so in the octahedral void, a chromium ion is bordered by six oxygen ions. In the crystal structure of C2O3, oxygen ions occupy the placements of each lattice of the close-packed hexagonal crystal, and chromium ions lie in the octahedral void of the close-packed hexagonal structure. In the close-packed hexagonal and also face-centered cubic crystal examples, each selection point can have one octahedral gap and also 2 tetrahedral courtyards, so the close-packed hexagonal structure has a total of six octahedral courtyards. To maintain electrical nonpartisanship, only two Cr2 sets of 3 o7. For that reason, only two-thirds of the octahedral void is inhabited by chromium ions. CP+can only fill up two-thirds of the octahedral empty courtyards according to the make-up proportion.

Usage of chromium oxide Oxides consisting of Cr.Y.ZrAl and also

other active aspects can significantly boost the high-temperature oxidation resistance of the alloy since these active elements as well as their oxides can substantially minimize the essential material of oxidized aspects needed for careful oxidation of the alloy. The experiment reveals that the oxidation resistance of the alloy is boosted by 3 times after the slim layer of CnO3 -Y203 is transferred on the surface area of 1Cr18Ni9Ti. Cost of chromium oxide Chromium oxide bit

dimension and purity will affect the product ' s price,

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