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Why aluminum silicon carbide can be used for radio frequency in microwave field

What is Aluminum Silicon Carbide?Aluminium silicon carbide metallic substrate thermal management material is an electronic packaging material that is used for electronic components. This material is made up of aluminum and silicon carbide with a large capacity to form a low density, high heating rate electronic packaging.

Silicon Aluminum Carbide: Its Uses
Semiconductor industry: air flotation device, vacuum sucker, etc. RF, Microwave, and Millimeter Wave Packaging used in the microwave field: used mainly in microwave fields; Power packaging refers mainly to high-power device: power grids and rail transits; new energy vehicles; and other IGBT or MOSFET module packaging. Complex optical and electronic carrier: photoelectric convertor, laser device. High-power LEDs; High-performance interlayer of PCB: sandwiched printed circuit boards; Microprocessor chip cover plate; and heat sink.

Preparation and use of silicon aluminum carbide
It is necessary to dissolve phenolic resin in anhydrous alcohol; add SiC powder to the solution, and stir it evenly between 4060; then, SiO2 aerogel and Al powders are added in turns, stirred and milled at 10-12h. After the ball milling process, the slurry produced is dried, then granulated. Finally, the particle powder obtained from the milling process is pressed and formed into a "green body". The invention offers a number of advantages, including a simple production process, ease of operation, low cost, and good performance. The SiC/Al Composite material has excellent mechanical strength, thermal conductivity and a low thermal coefficient. It will find great applications in electronic packaging materials.

Aluminum Silicon Carbide Price
Aluminum silicon carbide's cost is also affected by the size of the particles and their purity. The price of a large quantity will be lower. On our official website, you can find the price of Aluminum Silicon Carbide.

Aluminum silicon carbide supplier
Technology Co. Ltd., is a reliable global chemical material manufacturer and supplier. It has over 12 years' experience in providing ultra-high-quality nanotechnology materials and chemicals, such as aluminum silicon carbid, nitride, graphite, sulfide, and 3D printer powder. Contact us if you want to find high-quality aluminum silicon carbide at a reasonable price.

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