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The rapid development of touch screen input or output in the LED industry

The rapid development of touch screen input or output in the LED industry

On September 19th, the 14th Shanghai International LED Exhibition, the 16th Shanghai International Advertising Signs Exhibition, and Shanghai International Digital Signage Exhibition opened grandly in Shanghai New International Expo Center. According to reports, LED CHINA was founded in 2005 and is the world\'s earliest themed exhibition focusing on LED and LED lighting.

Since 2016, the touch screen input or output of my country\'s LED industry has been in a stage of rapid development, and by 2018, a new pattern has appeared. Up to now, my country has put the development of LED and photovoltaic industries on an important agenda. In the next few years, the potential market for domestic touch screen input or output is huge, and the scale of the industry is rapidly expanding. Related reports pointed out that although the touch screen input or output started late in my country, it has entered a period of vigorous development. In 2012, the market size of my country\'s touch screen input or output was 1.55 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 27.6%. In 2015, the domestic touch screen input or output market grew to 1.970 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 17.4%. In 2016, my country\'s touch screen input or output market reached 2.354 billion yuan

The touch screen input or output market is entering the fast lane

Some industry analysts believe that the outdoor advertising industry, including touch screen input or output, is developing towards five major trends: First, the outdoor media resources in the multi-screen era are showing a trend of integration; second, the digital transformation of outdoor media has become an inevitable trend in the industry; third, low-carbon The economy is driving the innovation and development of outdoor media companies; fourth, the government’s management of outdoor advertising has gradually begun to digitize, and the efficiency of supervision will be greatly improved; fifth, the interactive nature of smartphones has brought unlimited possibilities for outdoor advertising, and digital outdoor advertising has begun to become intelligent, With the evolution of interaction and personalization, outdoor media has entered the trend of intelligent delivery management.

The touch screen input or output industry development trend

The analysis of relevant experts pointed out that 80% of domestic outdoor advertising resources are in the hands of small and medium-sized advertising companies. With the continuous liberalization of the domestic market, international media giants are stepping in. China\'s touch screen input or output industry is facing the largest development and development in history. Integration period. In this "battle", any company that is the first to layout and occupy the market will get a share of this blue ocean market. In the scholar\'s view, the core issue is how to use Internet technology to initiate marketing innovations for touch screen input or output, thereby reducing operating costs, increasing marketing revenue, and expanding advertising influence. With the advancement of media technology, touch screen input or output appear in the form of advertising networks, and media advertising has further improved, which is mainly reflected in three aspects: 1. After the establishment of advertising networks, media products that can be released at the same time by multiple terminals can be formed, breaking the list. The geographic category of the point of media; second, the simulcast screen realizes precise time period selection and control, so as to meet the needs of advertisers to broadcast advertisements at different times; third, the interactive technology enables the simulcast to interact with the audience and achieve more for advertisers Creative planning to build new profit growth points.

The touch screen input or output application

The touch screen input or output can effectively reduce the labor cost of advertising operations and improve work efficiency; for non-networked LED screens, the touch screen input or output provides hardware upgrade services with OOHLink intelligent broadcast control box to complete the hardware + software integration service, so that non-networked screens can be realized Functions such as intelligent media management, flexible module selection, intelligent location selection, and media value evaluation. At the same time, in terms of visual data monitoring, the touch screen input or output provides a brand-new delivery strategy to achieve multi-dimensional targeted advertising based on the crowd, weather, and time of day.

The touch screen input or output can also provide systematic services such as data information collection, implementation status integration reports, the establishment of a data labeling system, and sharing of offline traffic dividends. In the future, richer innovative advertising forms such as face recognition, voice-linked code, AR technology, real-time live broadcast, and IP assist will be launched to create more new digital marketing methods.

In addition, in the subway transportation industry, touch screen input or output can help with systematic deployment. The information release broadcast control box can be installed at any place with advertising value, and the platform can be used for intelligent advertising, which can save energy and reduce emissions. The function of synchronized playback on the screens of each site has been implemented.

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The advantages of outdoor full-color touch screen input or output

With the rapid development of digital technology, outdoor full-color LED displays have taken a certain position in the field of advertising media. So what are its advantages? The following editor introduces the advantages of outdoor full-color LED screens.

Enhanced visual impact

Larger size, high-definition picture quality, outdoor full-color LED screen more comprehensively promote the visual impact of the masses, can quickly transmit information and promote people\'s consumption

Outdoor full-color LED screens usually appear in high-end shopping malls and traffic hubs where people flow. Able to establish stable and good communication with consumers, and arouse consumers\' strong desire to buy and release.

Outdoor full-color LED screens can not only play 24 hours a day, but also can save energy and protect the environment, work around the clock, and can fully adapt to various harsh outdoor environments. The overall performance is strong, and cost-effective. The information transmission of outdoor full-color LED screens is all-weather. It can better guide potential customers and allow enterprises to achieve the best advertising effect with less investment costs.

Outdoor full-color LED screens can more effectively cooperate with traditional TV advertisements: the cost of outdoor full-color LED screens is only 1% of TV advertisements to achieve the effect of ordinary advertisements.

Compared with the traditional form of advertising, people are slowly losing interest in watching overwhelming advertisements and printing flyers and posters. If the modification inevitably consumes a lot of manpower and material resources, the LED advertising display screen only needs to be modified on the terminal device, without extra printing costs, and it is convenient to change the screen text content at any time later.

Upgrading the city level with the rapid development of the application field of outdoor full-color LED screens, many institutions use outdoor full-color LED screens to release some corporate information and urban promotional videos, which can beautify the image of the city and improve the corporate quality and taste. Outdoor full-color LED screens are now widely used in stadiums, venue centers, advertising, transportation, etc., which reflect the economic, cultural and social life of a city.

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