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Is titanium carbide hard

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What is titanium carbide?

Titanium carbide is an iron-gray crystal with a metallic gloss belonging to NaCl-type straightforward cubic framework, with a latticework constant of 0.4329 nm as well as a space group of Fm3m. Carbon atoms are comparable to titanium atoms in the latticework setting, and also solid covalent bonds bond TiC atoms. Tic has some features comparable to steels, such as high melting point, boiling point, as well as hardness, the hardness is 2nd only to ruby, as well as it has good thermal as well as electrical conductivity, also revealing superconductivity at superficial temperature levels.

The applications of titanium carbide

Nano-titanium carbide is made use of in aerospace components. It has a melting factor over 3000 ℃, good high-temperature strength, compatibility with tungsten, comparable thermal expansion coefficient, and much reduced thickness than tungsten.


Titanium carbide is commonly used in manufacturing wear-resistant materials, reducing devices, mold and mildews, thawing metal crucibles, as well as many other fields. Clear titanium carbide ceramics are also appropriate optical products. And titanium carbide abrasive in the abrasive as well as unpleasant sector is an optimal product to change conventional unpleasant products such as alumina, silicon carbide, boron carbide, and also chromium oxide. The grinding capability of nano titanium carbide is comparable to that of synthetic rubies, which substantially lowers the cost. It has been widely used in the United States, Japan, Russia, as well as various other nations. Products such as abrasive, grinding wheels, and grinding paste made of nano titanium carbide can significantly boost grinding effectiveness, accuracy, as well as surface area level of smoothness.


Nano-titanium carbide foam ceramic: As a filter, foam ceramic can effectively remove inclusions in various liquids, and its filtering device is frustration and adsorption. The chemical stability of filter materials is required, particularly the filters utilized in the metallurgical industry need a high melting point, so many of these products are oxides and to adapt to the purification of liquified metal, the enhancement of thermal shock resistance is primarily pursued. Nano-titanium carbide foam porcelains have higher toughness, solidity, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, heat resistance, as well as corrosion resistance than oxide foam porcelains.

Chemical residential or commercial properties of Titanium carbide.

TiC is light gray, cubic, insoluble in water, and also has high chemical security. It hardly responds with hydrochloric acid and also sulfuric acid, however it can be liquified in aqua regia, nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid, and alkaline oxide option.

Just how is titanium carbide made?

Taking titanium dioxide as well as carbon black as resources, high-purity titanium dioxide as well as carbon black are extensively blended in proportion, the completely dry powder mix is pressed and also formed, and after that reduced in a straight carbon tube heater or a vertical carbon tube heater at 1900-2300 ℃ in a hydrogen ambience to get massive TiC, and afterwards pulverized to obtain titanium carbide powder items. Or taking sponge titanium and also carbon black as raw products, thoroughly mixing sponge titanium (or titanium scrap recouped from titanium alloy and carbide solid solution) as well as carbon black symmetrical, as well as home heating to 1500-1700 ℃ in high-purity hydrogen gas stream for response to obtain titanium carbide.

The cost of Titanium carbide.

The marketplace cost of Titanium carbide is affected by various elements. Currently, its market price remains in the process of vibrant change. If you need it, please contact us any time.

Titanium carbide provider.

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