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Characteristics of water-based zinc stearate emulsion for coating

What is zinc stearate solution?
Zinc stearate is a fine white light powder, insoluble in water, ethanol, as well as ether, as well as soluble in warm ethanol, turpentine, benzene, as well as various other natural solvents as well as acids. Zinc stearate is heated up and also dissolved in a natural solvent. When it is cooled down, it ends up being a gelatinous compound. It is disintegrated into stearic acid and matching zinc salts by solid acids—-- lubricity, moisture absorption, safe, slightly annoying, no pollution, no threat.
Water-based zinc stearate solution is a kind of hydrophilic zinc stearate emulsion item made from zinc stearate and also a selection of coactive agents (diffusion, suspension, fluid) via a certain process, specifically utilized in water-based wood paint, paint, ink, paper, rubber, brightening products, and various other products.
Properties of water-based zinc stearate solution
The product'' s look is a white emulsion, non-toxic, pollution-free, has no threat features, and also satisfies environmental protection needs. Easy to distribute in water, has a superfineness, as well as great dispersion in water. It is simple to defoam, with great lubrication, good warm resistance, good openness, not easy to precipitate, yellow resistance, rapid drying, and also boosted grinding properties, which can boost the lubrication and hydrophobicity of the finish surface area as well as boost the great lubrication of the finishing.

Packing as well as storage space approaches 1. Should be kept closed, do not open storage space to prevent surface area skin, and also influence the usage.
2. Do not subject to the sun and shop in a trendy location.
3 In winter season needs to avoid freezing demulsification as well as must be stored over 0 ℃.
4. It should not be stacked with strong acid as well as alkaline compounds to avoid chemical reactions in between acid alkali liquid leak and also zinc stearate, influencing security.
5. This item may be a little precipitated in long-term storage space. Mix it evenly before use, which will not impact the use impact.
6. 200L plastic container product packaging can also be according to user needs. Take notice of insulation measures during transportation.
Water-based zinc stearate solution attributes:
1, exceptional primer grinding result
2, does not include any type of natural solvent, comes from environmental protection environment-friendly products, non-toxic and also harmless
3, superb diffusion and also a wide range of compatibility, so the production application is really easy
4. The original water-based zinc stearate secured bundle has storage space stability of at least half a year under safe storage conditions. If it goes beyond the reliable storage duration, it does not imply that it can not be made use of, but it must be examined whether it is still reliable in relevant applications
5. Do not use this product under acidic conditions.
The cost of zinc stearate solution
Many elements, including the supply and also demand in the market, sector fads, economic activity, market belief, and unanticipated events, influence the cost.
If you are searching for the current zinc stearate emulsion rate, you can send us your query for a quote.
Zinc stearate emulsion vendor
Tfmpage (also known as. Tfmpage Innovation Co. Ltd.) is a trusted global chemical product provider & producer with over 12 years of experience providing very high-quality chemicals and also Nanomaterials. Currently, our company has actually efficiently developed a series of materials. The zinc stearate solution created by our firm has high purity and pollutant content. For the most up to date cost of zinc stearate solution, please send us an e-mail or click on the needed items to send out an inquiry.

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