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The phenomenon of early damage to the bearing caused by improper use

wallpapers Tech 2020-12-11

When the bearing is used, the early damage phenomenon is a common failure of the bearing. The early damage of the bearing also has many forms, such as improper bearing fit, improper installation, and improper maintenance will cause the imagination of early damage.


1. Damage caused by unqualified size, shape and position accuracy of the workpiece matched with the bearing

If the shoulder of the workpiece shaft and the housing hole is not perpendicular to the mating surface, or the roughness of the bearing positioning surface is unqualified, and the shaft is bent, the axis of the inner ring and the outer ring of the bearing will skew and cause the ring and roller The local contact stress on the rolling surface increases significantly, causing fatigue spalling and early damage.


2. Improper installation and operation methods cause bearing damage

The inner components and outer rings of tapered roller bearings are installed on the shaft and in the housing respectively. During assembly, the raceway and rollers of the ring can be damaged due to skew, impact or excessive assembly force. Small, it will aggravate the damage of the raceway. If there are bumps on the roller, the raceway of the ring will be damaged after the bearing rotates.


The adjustment of the clearance between the outer ring and the inner component after the bearing is installed is also very important. If the clearance is too small, it will cause excessive temperature rise, accelerate wear and even seize; if the clearance is too large, additional radial runout and axial The movement causes the relative displacement of the roller and the outer ring raceway and causes uneven local wear and noise. Only proper adjustment can ensure the normal operation of the bearing.


3. Damage caused by improper use and maintenance

Before the bearing is installed, if the workpiece is not cleaned or the lubricating oil added is not clean (such as mixed with sand, dust, dirt, etc.), or due to unreliable sealing and working in a dusty environment, some hard particles enter the bearing roll The road will cause abrasive wear, and the surface will show fine groove marks or small pits, which will increase the clearance of the bearing, reduce the accuracy and shorten the service life.


4. Other circumstances

In order to enable the bearing to work normally and reach the expected life, when selecting the bearing, the necessary calculations should be made for the main failure modes of the bearing. For bearings in general operation, the life should be calculated based on the contact fatigue failure and the rated dynamic load; for high-speed bearings, in addition to the life calculation, the necessary limit speed check should be carried out; for the bearings with lower speeds, static Strength calculation to prevent the occurrence of plastic deformation. After the early failure of the bearing, it is necessary to carefully observe the damage, analyze the cause, and take necessary improvement measures.


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