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Performance comparison of three common bearing materials

wallpapers Tech 2020-12-16

Bearings are important parts of mechanical operation. The use of different materials will bring different performances to the bearings. Therefore, the bearings used in different fields are different and their materials are also different. Today China Bearing Network is based on common materials for bearings. To understand the knowledge, share the performance comparison of the three major bearing materials.


The three common materials for bearings are metallic materials, porous metallic materials and non-metallic materials.


1. Metal materials


Bearing metal materials mainly include: bearing alloys, copper alloys, aluminium-based alloys and cast iron.


Bearing alloy: It can also be called babbitt alloy which mainly contains tin matrix and lead matrix. It has good comprehensive performance and low mechanical degree. It is common in bearing alloys cast on the bearing base of steel or cast iron and is expensive to use.


Copper alloy: mainly contains tin bronze (for medium speed, medium load or heavy load), aluminium bronze (for low speed and heavy load) and lead bronze (for high speed and heavy load).


Cast iron: a bearing material with a light load and low speed.


2. Porous metal materials


The porous metal material of the bearing is mainly made of powder metallurgy, iron or copper powder is mixed with graphite, pressed and sintered, and it is porous to retain oil. Used for occasions with stable load, low speed and inconvenient refuelling.


3. Non-metallic materials


The non-metallic materials of the bearing mainly include plastic, rubber and nylon. Its characteristics are: low friction coefficient, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, low load-bearing, and large thermal deformation.


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