FAQ on Top 10

  1. How this works

    The rating is done automatically based on user votes. To vote for the album, click 'Good'. To vote against, click 'Bad'. You are allowed to vote only once, for one album. (The hyperlink disappears after you vote.) Pl do not try to rig the voting!

  2. What is the percentage thing?

    The percentages show the fraction of votes for and against the album.

  3. This looks like a cheat

    There's no cheating. Everything is automatically done. We are not sitting here 24 hours monitoring and tweaking the votes. We have better things to do.

    The list of user IP's who have voted, are available upon request.

  4. Why is the old Top 10 removed

    The old scripts were done by a volunteer S Kumar. The scripts recently crashed and we couldn't get it up. (The regular visitors would've noticed it was down.) Also, it had limitations like multiple votes were allowed over several days, no way to vote against,etc. That's why we worked on a new system.

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