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SONG : YAdhum oorE
FILM : NinaiththaalE inikkum 
Notes: s r2 g2 m1 p d2 n2 S

yAdhum oorE yAvarum kELir
s r    g p  n d p   d p

anbE engaL ulaga thaTHuvam
S S  p m   gg g  m  p  ps

naNbar uNdu pagaivar illai
g  p   d n  d d  dp  pddm

nanmai uNdu theemai illai
m  d   n S  n   dp  pddp

?      malaysia
pnd dd d d  p pdm

around the world friendship welcomes you
md     n   nS    S     n3   S  p     ps

Stanza :
ndnp dmpg mrgs rpm

mdnS dnpd mpg3m rmg

rgrg gSSS rgrg gnnn

rgrg nd1d1d1 Sppg grs

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