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Song: ninaikkath therindha
Film: Anandha jOthi
Notes: s r2 g2 m1 p d1 n2 S

ninaikkath therindha manamae unakku marakkath theriyaadhaa
p p   p    p  p  p   m p d   mp pmg g p  m    g  r sr grsgp.

pazhagath therindha uyirae unakku    vilagath theriyaadhaa
p.n. n.   s  g  g   gp m   gm  grsn. s m g    r  n.s  s

uyirae  vilagath theriyaadhaa
mg mpmg g m g    r  n.s  s


Stanza 1:

mayangath therindha kannae unakku  urangath theriyaadhaa
d d  d    d  d  d   pd n   nS  RSn nS  n    d  p mp n

malarath therindha anbae unakku  maraiyath theriyaadhaa
p d n    p  d  S   ndpdp mp  pmg g p  m    g  r sr gr sgp.

anbae   maraiyath theriyaadhaa
mg mpmg g m  g    r  n.s  s


Stanza 2:

edukkath therindha karamae unakku  kodukkath theriyaadhaa
SS  S    S  S  S   n p n   d2S ndpmm p  p    p  d npdm p

inikkath therindha kaniyae unakku  kasakkath theriyaa..dhaa
pn  p    n  S  n   S R Sn  d2S ndpmm p  p    p  d npdm p

(notes similar to Stanza 1)
padikka therindha idhazhae unakku mudikkath theriyaadhaa
padarath therindha paniyae unakku maraiyath theriyaadhaa
paniyae maraiyath theriyaadhaa


Stanza 3: (notes similar to Stanza 2)

kodhikkath therindha nilavae unakku kulirath theriyaadhaa
kulirum thenral kaatrae unakku pirikkath theriyaadhaa
pirikkath therindha iraivaa unakku inaikkath theriyaadhaa
inaiyath therindha thalaivaa unakku ennaip puriyaadhaa
thalaivaa ennaip puriyaadhaa


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