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Song : Hello my dear
Film : Manmadha leelai
Notes: s r2 g2 m2 p d2 n3 S

hello my dear wrong number(2) 
p  p  p  p  p m     g  m

kEtkavE unthan kuraL sorgam nErilE pArTHAl enna vetkam(2) 
s  g r  s s    r s   n. n.  s g r  s  s    r s  n. n.

kaRpanai OrAyiram.....  kaRpanai OrAyiram oru murai pArTHAl enna.a.. 
s  r g   pndn S (ndndp) s  r g   pndn S   nn  S R   n  p    rgp grs

(notes similar to "hello")
hello my dear wrong number 
kEttathum theerum ungaL thAgham nErinil pArthAl enna lAbam(2) 
arputham engum illai adhisaiya peNNmai illai...h.e.l.l.o.o 

Stanza :
kAviriyin meenO pooviriyum thEnO 
p d p m   p  pd d  n d p   d  dn

dhEvamagaL thAnO  thEdi varalAmO 
n  S n S   dnSndp pn d  p m pmgrs

poovai ennai pArthAl kAdhal varakkoodum(2) 
s  r   g r   s  sp   s r    g r  s  dp

poojaiarai.....?...Asai varakkoodum 
p  n  dn   Sndp    pnd  p m  pm grs

kaRpanai OrAyiram orumurai pArthAl enna 

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