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Song: Un samaiyal
Film: Dhill
Notes: s r2 g2 m2 p d1 n2 S

Un samayal araiyil naan uppa sarkaraiya 
p  p p p   dp  gps s    s g  r  r r  r

Nee padikkum araiyil naan kankala puthagama 
p   p p  p   dp  gps s    s  g gp r gr s s

Nee viralgal endral naan nagama   moathirama 
n   n n  n   n dp   p    p d SRG  RS S  S S

Nee ithazkal endral naan muthama  punnagaiya 
n   n n  n   n dp   p    p d SRG  RS S S  S

Nee azagu endral naan kaviya oviyana 
n3  n3 n3 n3n    g    g m1m  m1 m1 m1m

(Un samayal) 

Stanza 1:

Naan vetkam endral        nee sivappa  kannangala 
n3   n3 n3  Sn3 d2n3d2p   p   m p  d2p mg m  m p

Naan theendal endral   nee virala sparisangala 
n3   n3   n3  Sn3 d2p  p   n3d2pm g  g m  m p

Nee kuzhanthai endral  naan thottila thalatta 
m1  m1 m1 m1   m1 m1d2 s    s   m1m1 m1g g g

Nee thookkam endral  naan madiyaa thalaiyanaiyaa 
m1  m1   m1  m1 m1d2 m1   m1d2Sd2 m1 g  g g  g

Naan ithayam endral nee uyira thudithudippa 
R    RR  R   GRSnd2 d2  d2nSn d  n d  p  pm

(Un samayal)

Stanza 2: (notes similar to Stanza 1)

Nee vithaikal endral naan vaera vithai nilama 
Nee virunthu endral naan pasiya rusiya 
Nee kaithi endral naan siraiya thandanaiya 
Nee mozhikal endral naan tamizha osaikala 
Nee puthumai endral naan Bharatiya Bharatithasana 

(notes similar to Un Samaiyal)

Nee thanimai endral naan thunaiyaa thoorathila 
Nee thunai endral naan paesava yosikkava 
Nee thirumbi nintral naan nirkkava poyvidava 
Nee pogiraai endral naan azaikkava azhuthidava 
Nee kathal endral naan sariya thavara 

Un valadhu kaiyil pathu viral pathu viral 
p  G G G   G  pnd p m   p p   p m   p p

En idathu kaiyil pathu viral pathu viral 
p  GG G   G  pnd p m   p p   p m   p p

Thoorathu vaetham thooralkal sintha 
p   G G   R  Rp   p   S  S   n  n

Theertha mazhaiyil thee kuzhippom 
SRG  S   d d   d   g    m m   p

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