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Song: Nirpadhuve
Film: Bharathi
Notes: s r2 g3 m2 p d2 n3 S

Nirpadhuve  nadappadhuve  parappadhuve
p  m d  pdp p p  m d  pdp p d  p m  mg

NeengaL ellaam soppanam thaano 
gr  g   r sn.  d. n.r   rgrss

Pala thotRa mayakkangaLo 
s n. d.  n. r g  sr s s

KaRpadhuve  ketpadhuve  karudhuvadhe 
p  m d  pdp p  m d  pdp p d p  m mg

NeengaL ellam  ardhamaayaigaLo 
gr  g   r sn.  d.n. rg r  s s

ummuL aazhndha poruLillaiyo 
s sn. n.d. n.  r g sr s  s

Stanza 1:

Vaanagame  ILaveyile  marancharive
S  n R SRS SS n R SRS n R  S  n nd

NeengaL ellaam kaanalin 
nd  n   d pm   mg m d   dn pdp p

Verum kaatchi pizhaithaano 
p m   mg  m d d n   pdp p

Ponadhellaam kanavinaipol 
dnn n   nRn  d m m m  m

udaindhaezhundhe ponadhanaal 
md   d   d   dnd mgr r  r

Naanum or kanavo 
n.d.n. rg r s s

indha gnalamum(?) Poithaano 
s n.  d. n.r      rg srs s


Stanza 2: (notes similar to Stanza1)
Kaalamendre oru ninaivum 
Kaatchi endru pala ninaivum 
Kolamum poigaLo 
andha gunangalum poigaLo(2) 
Kaanbadhellaam maraiyumendraal 
Maraindhadhellaam kaanbamandro 
Naanum or kanavo 
Indha gnalamum(!) Poithaano 


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