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Song: geethA sangeethA
Film: anbE sangeethA
Notes: s g2 g3 m2 p d2 n3 S

geethA sangeethA
gp S   Sn pr g

sangeethamE  sowbhAgyamE
g  rg r  sd. gr pg  r sd.

jeeva amudham un  mOhanam
d. d  dd d    ndn mgm p

pagalenna iravenna nAm kANa vENdum madhanOrchavam
n S nd nS nS nd nS gmg mdmd n  pm  g m  dnSn  S

adhu dhAnE idhazh pEsum   maNimandhiram 
SR   n  R  pd     m d ndm m d Sn d  mg

oru panjaNaiyil iru paingiLikaL Odum viLaiyA..dum
mm  pm p g  mr  mm  pm  p g mr  mdp  r r  rgp rgrs

Stanza 2: (notes similar to Stanza 1)
pala jenmam pirandhAlum un vAsal thEdum uravallavA
udal Avi poruL yAvum unadhallavO
manam un vasamum udal en vasamum koNdEn enai thandhEn

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