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Song: veLakku
Film: mundhAnai mudiCHu
Notes: s r2 g2 m1 p d1 n2 S

veLakku vaCHa nEraTHilE   mAman vandhAn
p S  n  d2n   pdp m  grgm p s   s  s

maranju ninnu pAkkaiyilE   dhAham endrAn
p S  n  d2 n  pd p  m grgm p  s   s  s

nAn kodukka   avan edukka
ps  s p  mpmp ps   sp  mpmp

andha nEram  dhEham soodu yEra
p p   pd2nd2 mpdp   gmpm  g rs

uCHi veYil kAyum nEram odhattOram neerA Odum
ppS  S S   S SR  R R   SR   GRGR  SRSS  SS

Ora vizhi pArva ?
pSS S S   nSRS d2nSn pd2nd2 d2nSnd2p

(notes similar to "nAn kodukka" for the next 2 lines)

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