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Song: sandhanak kaatrae
Film: Thanikkaattu raja
Notes: s r2 g2 m1 p d2 n3 S

sandhanak kaatrae senthamizh ootrae
p  p  d   n  S    p  p  d    n  S

sandhoashap paattae vaa vaa
p  p   d    n   S   G   R

kaadhoadu dhaan nee paadum oa..sai
M  R   M  RS    M   RP M   RS  RSn Snp

neengaadha aa..sai aa aa neengaadha aa.....sai
p   nd n   SGS S   n  d  p   nd n   SMGPMP GRS


Stanza 1:

neer vaendum boomiyil paa...yum  na..dhiyae
n    S   n   SG S n   ndnR  ndnR nd  dp p

neengaamal thoalgalil saa..yum  ra..dhiyae
n   S  n   SG3P G3Sn  ndnR ndnR nd  dp p

booloagam a a a a a  a  dheyveegam a a a a a  a
M  G3 Sd  m d S M G3 S  M   G3 Sd  m d S M G3 S

booloagam...maraiya maraiya...dheyveegam...theriyath theriya
M  G3 Sd    M G3 S  M G3 S    M   G3 Sd    M  G3S    M  G3S

R  S  n  SR    P PM MG GR RS Sn nd dp pm


Stanza 2: (notes similar to Stanza 1)

goapaalan saayvadhoa koadhai madiyil
bhoopaanam paayvadhoa poovai manadhil
poongaatrum a a a soodaetrum a a a
pongaatrum...thazhuvath thazhuva...soodaetrum...sariyach chariya


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