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Song: Kaadhal oviyam
Film: Alaigal oivathillai


Legend for the notes:
s  = sa    = C
r1 = ri 1  = C#
r2 = ri 2  = D
g2 = ga 2  = D#
g3 = ga 3  = E
m1 = ma 1  = F
m2 = ma 2  = F#
p  = pa    = G
d1 = da 1  = G#
d2 = da 2  = A
n2 = ni 2  = A#
n3 = ni 3  = B
S  = sa    = C [next octave; higher "sa"]
R1 ...

Notes: s r2 g3 m2 p d1 n3 S
here, r=r2, g=g3, m=m2, d=d1, n=n3 [unless otherwise specified]

Kaadhal oviyam paadum kaaviyam
sr sr   gg g   r  gp  g  g g
CD CD   EE E   D  EG  E  E E

thaen sindhum poonjolai nam raajiyam
r     r  g    r   r g   r   s  n.n.
D     D  E    D   D E   D   C  B.B.

endrum anandham perinbam deiveeham  oh oh
s g    pp  d    p p  d   p  p  dd2  d2 g
C E    GG  G#   G G  G#  G  G  G#A  A  E


Stanza 1:

Thedinaen oh oh oh en      jeevane
pg p n    S  n  p  pmgmg   g  g g
GE G B    C+ B  G  GF#EF#E E  E E

thendraliley  midhandhu varum thaen malare
p   p  p d    d d   d   d d2  d2    d2d2n  S n d2
G   G  G G#   G# G# G#  G# A  A     AAB   C+ B A

nee en  naayagan kaadhal paadagan
dd2 nR  n  d2d2  dd2 nR  n  d2d2
G#A BD+ B  AA    G#A BD+ B  AA

anbil  odi  inbam  kodi endrum kaanalaam
dd2dd2 d2d2 dd2dd2 d2d2 r d2   p  m m    g r
G#AG#A AA   G#AG#A AA   D A    G  F# F#  E D


Stanza 2: (notes similar to Stanza 1)

Thaangumo oh oh oh en dehame
manmadhanin malar kanaigal tholgaliley

moham theeravey vaa en aruhiley
ullam koil kangal deepam poojai kaanalaam

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