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Song: hello doctor
Film: Kaadhal desam
Notes: s r2 g2 m1 p d1 n2 S

hello doctor heart thirutaache
S  S  S  SR  nS  n d  p d  nS

pulseppaatha faastu beataache
S  RG S  SR  nS  n  dp d  nS

cadburies kasakkudhey college bore aache
G  G RG   G G  G RG   S  RMPM GRS  Rn Sp

cushion bed valilkkudhey thookam poi naalache
G G     RG  G G   G RG   S   RM  PM  GRSRnSp pS


Stanza 1:

paadam padikka  college pona
mp p   p p  pdm p  p p  p pdm

padichchadhellaam l   o   v e
p p   p  pSn nSd  dnp pdm p p

relax panna  movie pona
m p   p  pdm p p   p pdm

movie ellaam   l   o   v e 
p p   pSn nSd  dnp pdm p p

hollywood, london, paris, behrin
p  p S     S  SG   GM MR  R  R

earth ellaam l  o v e
SG R  Sn pd  nS S S

rocket yeri nilavukku pona
p  S   S SG G M M  R  R R

nilavil kooda l  o v e
S G R   Sn pd nS S S

this is romantic raadio 2000 K S
there is something strange in the air
called l o v e

Stanza 2: (notes similar to Stanza 1)

scanning senju braina paatha
cells ellaam l o v e
test panni bloodapaatha
bloodin group l o v e
open panni heartapaatha
heartin suvaril l o v e
naadi pudichchu pulse paatha
narambu ellaam l o v e

first starugal paarhthachu
p     p  p p   p    p  d

macdowellum poyachhu
p  p p  p   p p d

eyesum eyesum meet acchu
p  p   d  d   n    n n

high voltage shock acchu

school baby than parthu parthu
kalpaadi thaan vitaachu
stella ethiraj poyachu
kizhpak patient aayachu

idhu kaadhal ennum noi
oru kannippennai paaru

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