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Prospects for the future development of bearing product technology

wallpapers News 2020-12-04


Significant advances in modern materials, lubrication and sealing technologies have greatly increased bearing life. In other words, under the same service life requirements, smaller bearings can be used to replace the original larger bearings-these are also the "open" ideas for lightweight bearings, not just in the bearing dimensions "Do subtraction".


Prospects for the future development of bearing product technology


Combining the current development direction of bearing product technology with the future development trend of the modern manufacturing equipment industry, the following prospects can be made for the future:


1) Energy conservation and emission reduction are the broad consensus and concerted action of the international community to deal with environmental pollution and climate change. Bearing friction reduction will continue to upgrade.


2) Driven by the mainstream trend of increasing the power density of electric motors (especially drive motors for new energy vehicles), compressors and other power machinery, the speed performance of bearings will be further improved.


3) Robustness will expand into the basic technical requirements of many bearings.


4) Smart bearings enable simple machinery to achieve digitalization and the Internet of Things. Therefore, smart bearings are called "products that seamlessly interface with Industry 4.0". This concise, straightforward and essential definition indicates that smart bearings have a broad Development space, and embedded, miniaturization, multi-parameter, and multi-function are undoubtedly its main technical features.


5) Tapered roller bearings that can bear combined radial and axial loads at the same time have a small radial section, which is especially suitable for needle roller bearings that are trending towards lightweight development, and deep groove ball bearings and angular contact ball bearings in the 18 and 19 size series. Will continue to expand its applications.


6) With the wider penetration of sealed bearings that facilitate operation and maintenance, the research and development of high-performance (long life, low noise, wide temperature range, environmental protection, etc.) grease will remain a lasting "hot spot."


7) The cage has been in the "weak link" in bearing research for a long time. As the understanding of its restrictive role in the improvement of bearing performance continues to deepen, research on the design, material and processing technology of the new cage will maintain a high degree of activity.


8) The bearing life theory of the imported surface fatigue model may soon become a new bearing life calculation criterion and be included in the international standard.


9) Based on the application of big data and the improvement of model algorithms, the prediction of the remaining life of the bearing will be more precise, and it will become practical and tool-oriented.


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