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Manisegaran on the Varalakshmis

Original Thread

  • From: Manisegaran (@ on: Sat Jan 31 13:32:36 EST 1998

    Tamil films and fans are confused and complicated by artistes bearing same names, sometimes same initals too.

    G.Varalechumy is an actress cum singer.She was born in Anthra Pradesh on 27 September 1926. Her first film was "Barrister Parvatheesam" in Telugu. She married the producer of the film Pragash Rao in 1942. But she was an ardent admirer or Tara Sing the "Malyutha Veeran" and went wherever he went to support his fights. Finally she married Tara Singh who is 12 years younger. This is an open secret, and widely published. She is fairly a good actress. She has acted in films like Kalyanam Panni Par, Nirabarathi, Gulebagavali, Naan Petra Selvam, Aaravalli. She also took Harichandra, acted by Sivagi Ganesan and released after a prolonged silence,and the film flopped. By the time she acted in Kattu Roja, Kiladu Thattivittathu. Some of her songs are:-

    1.Azhuvathey from Kalyanam Panni Paar(MD is Gandasala)
    2.Naney Raniye from Nirabarathi(MD is Gandasala)
    3.Saarasa Sangeethamithu from Nirabarathi.
    4.Pongalo Pongal from Anni(MD is Pendiala)
    5.Anbu Kaninthaal-Nirabarathi-""
    6.Pon Vilaynthathu-"" ""

    Her debut was in Balamohini in 1937. She has a golden voice and a lovely face. When both TR Mahalingam S. Varalechumy she were riding high in the cine field, she lived with TRM. When the fortune of TR Mahalingam declined, AL Seenivasan took her as wife to rehabilate her. He gave her a comeback chance in Kanthan Karunai-Velli Malai Mannava. This is also an open secret-as bright as daylight in cine circles.

    Some of her songs are:-

    1.Azhagana Thadi Raja from Vanasundari(MD is CR Subbaraman)
    2.Naney Rani from Vanasundari
    3. Bagyasalai Puvimel Naaneyfrom Bojan(MD is CR Subbaraman)
    4.Avarthaney from Moganasundram
    5.Vinmugil Kaana from Moganasundaram
    6.Oh Saratha from Manavathy(MD is Rajanikanth Rao)
    7.Puthu Vazhvu from Syamala
    8.Naney Ranee from Velaikkaran (MD is Sudarsanam)
    9.Arul Purivay from Mamiyar (MD is CN Pandurangan)
    10.Ulagam Pora Thisai from Nam Kuzhanthai
    11.Ithayathiley from Nam Kuzhanthai
    12.Ematramthana En Vazhvileyfrm CHaktavarthy Thirumakal(MD is G Ramanathan)
    13.Jothymayamana from Ilangeswaran(MD is SM Subbiah Naidu)
    14.Singara Kanney from VPK Bomman(MD is GR)
    15.Thanimai Nernthatho from Sivagangai Seemai(MDs are MSV/TKR)
    16.Velli Malai Mannava-from Kanthan Karunai(MD is KVM)
    17.Intha Pachaikkilikkoru from Neethikku Thalai Vanangu(MD is MSV)
    18. Ennai Allaal from Guna (MD is Ilayaraja)

    19.Eedilla Kathalar Namey(with Gandasala) from Navajeevanam(MD is Gandasala)
    20.Nalangittu Parpomadi(with AP Komala) from Chakravarthy Thirumakal(MD is G Ramanathan)
    21.Muthu Pugazh Padaitha(with R.Jeyaletchumy)from Sivagangai Seemai
    22. Oh Jegamathil Inbam Kanbathellam( with TR Mahalingam from Moganasundaram
    23.Pulli Maanai Poley (with TR Mahalingam) from Mohanasundaram
    24.Kanneerthano(with TR Mahalingam) from Moganasundaram.
    25.Kanavilum Unai Maraven(with TR Mahalingam) from Mohanasundaram
    26.Odathey with (TR Mahalingam)from Macharegai
    27.Thaye Sangari(with Sarojini) from Syamala
    28.Vazviniley Nannalithuvey(with AM Raja)from Mamiyar
    29.Sollaley Vilakka Theriyaley(with P.Leela) from Chakravarthy Thirumagal
    30.Daku Daku (with P.Suseela and AP Komala) from VPK Bomman(MD is G Ramanathan)
    31.Manam Kanintharul(Thogayara by VN Sundaram)from VPK Bomman

    Good Night(morning)
  • From: Manisegaran (@ on: Sun Feb 1 04:46:38 EST 1998

    Bones avarkaley
    Ithuvarai Neenga ethanaiyo Avatharam eduthivitteerkal. Pidi Kodukkamal Peyarai Matriye Varugireekal. I think I have left out the following songs of SV:

    1.Kathalaginen from 1000 thali vangiya aboorva sinthamani(MD is G Ramanathan who also acted in the film)
    2.Thamatham Seiyathey Thozhi from Vadivukku Valaikkappu(MD is KVM)
    3. There is a Keerthanai in Kavarimaan.

  • From: Manisekaran (@ on: Mon Feb 2 10:03:31 EST 1998

    1000 thalai Vangiya Aboorva Chintamani is a Modern Theatres film (1947) of almost 4 hours with a length of 20,000 ft. I saw the movie in the second release. The Sanyasi in the film is G.Ramanathan. P.S. Govindan is the hero, supported by T.S.Durairaj. VN Janagi and S.Varalechumy are also acting.

    Alli Petra Pillai has KVM as the MD.The song Ejamaan Petra Selvamey is by G.Ramanathan picurised on a horse, singing this thaalattu paadal.

    G.Ramanathan is the second son of Gobalsamy Iyer, who was a sub-inspector in the Survey Department.G.R studied till standard 5 only.At the age of 18 he joined the Baratha Gana Saba, followed by the VA Sellappa Drama Company to play harmonium and sing playback. In 1932 he played harmonium for the film Kalavarishi, a Tamil film produced in Culcutta.His first full scale debut in Tamil Movies was in Sathiyaseelan.Modern Theatres used him very often. He is a devotee of Sai Baba. He married in 1942 and has two sons- SAI and BABA. G.Ramanathan, S.V.Vengatraman and CR Subbaraman are called the Tamil Thiray Isayin Mummoorthigal. But there is a speciality in the music of GR. He never hesitated to use foreign and Hindi tunes. But he made it a point to improvise the copied music with so much feelings. Listen to Cinna Pennana Pothiley(Quay Serra Serra).I feel the Tamil version is better-taste is something personal. He copied numerous tunes from hindi too. The Thhku Thooki Songs became super hits. But he said that those songs were casually composed. How is it. There was a karnatic group which felt that the Tamil film music is killing the carnatic music. But through ths songs that he composed for MKT, he proved that even the Tamil film music could contribute to the development of carnatic music. Oh.. talking abut GR is an ocean.

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