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Manisegaran on T.G.Lingappa

Original Thread

  • From: Manisekaran (@ on: Tue Feb 17 10:24:17 EST 1998

    T Govindarajulu Naidu is the father of TG Lingappa. Some of the films where Govindarajulu was the MD are:-
    1.Maya Manithan
    2.Andaman Kaithi
    3.Manithanum Mirugamum
    5.Kalvanin Kathali
    6.Nam Naadu(old)
    7.Bagdad Thirudan
    8.Patharai Mathu Thangam
    9.Santha Sakkubai
    10.Vedan Kannappa

    But TG Lingappa has more films to boast of. Some are:-
    1.Kalyanam Panniyum Bramachari
    2.Kulandaikal Kanda Kudiyarasu
    5.Veera Amarsingh
    6.Thedi Vantha Selvam
    7.Kanniyin Sabatham
    8.Thanga Malai Ragasiyam
    9.Valviley Oru Naal(with CN Pandurangan)
    10.Muthal Thethi
    11.Muradan Muthu
    14.Sabash Meena
    15.Engal Kudumbam Perisu

  • From: Manisegaran (@ on: Sun Feb 6 06:18:12 EST 2000

    TGLingappa has composed for very few Tamil movies, but all his songs turned out to be great gems.

    TG Lingappa received his musical training from his father Govindarajulu Naidu. His family used to stay in Trichy, Chinna Kammala Road. This is where MK Thjiagaraja Bhagavathat used to sing. So Govindarajulu Naidu was proud in introducing MKT to his children. Govindarajulu not only was a harmonium player in the special dramas, but was alos the one who taught music for KB Sundrambaal. Later he sold musical instruments and gramaphone inTrichy, but the businees did not rewards him as expected. The only benefit was that the second sone Lingappa learned to play several musical intstruments. In 1940 Govindarajulu took his family to Madras to look for greener pasture there.

    At the tender age of 14, Lingappa initally tried to act in the film Kamathenu of one Visvanathan. Instead Visvanathan sked him to sing for him. He sang well. Visvanathan asked him to remain with him for some time to be given a chance. He stayed for a few months and gave up hope.

    As Lingappa knew how to play musical instruments he joined the Mayoora Film Orchestra and played harmonium, Mandoline and guitar. This orchestra used to play music for films and gramaphone.

    It is interesting to note that TGL had even been playing instruments for Asok Kumar in 1941. He was earing a monthly salary of Rs30. In the same year on his own initative TGL went to Gemini Studio to try his luck. C Ramachandra was there with older artistes. Upon seeing a young boy they totally rejected him giving age as an excuse. The broken-hearted TGL proceeded to Salem to try his chance in Modern Theatres when MD TA Kalyanam invited him. There TGL met TR Paappa and KVM. KVM did not do much for Modern Theatres other than Vannakkili and Kaithi Kannayiram in later days. But in the 1940s everyone was circumambulating all available studios for opportunities. All the three cooperated very well. TGL and TRPappa promted KVM as a music director.

    In 1945 or so TGL returned to Madras and worked under the great Sudharsanam in the Pragathy Studios. He had a chance to play instruments in the film Sri Valli in 1945. When AVM took Naam Iruvar in Karaikkudi, TGL played for that film too in 1947.
    In the follwing year he returned to Madras and worked under CR Subbaraman. Although TGL played instruments for some songs, he found it irritating to work permanently under any particular MD. So he decided to be a freelance musician. So he went on to purchase modern instruments from abraoad, especially London. He went for electric guitar. TGL was able to play the guitar to the amazement of many. The Isai Methai G Ramanathan, SV Vengatraman and even KVM started to use TGL for several of their songs. From then on TGL was playing many instruments under all the leading MDs.

    His debut came in the film Mohanasundaram in 1951.

  • From: Manisegaran (@ on: Sun Feb 6 07:11:13 EST 2000

    It was TR Mahalingam who invited TGL to compose for his films. TR Mahalingam had just turned producer. He took his first film Macharegai, using BR Bantulu as the manager.CR Subbaraman was the MD for his first film. But it was in his second film Mohanasundaram that TR Mahalingam invited TG Lingappa to be the MD, since CR Subbaraman died suddenly. TR Mahalingam and TGL had known each other earlier and became closer in the film Naam Iruvar.

    In Mohanasundaram TR Mahalingam and S. Varalachumy acted and became life partners (temporarily at least)untill AL Sreenivasan took her away once TRMahalingam lost all his fortune later. There are more than ten songs in Mohanasundaram. The most famous is of course the duet by TRM and S Varalachumy -"oh.. Jegamathil Inbam thaan varuvathu ethanaaley"
    Paattu Venumaa is another solo by TRM which is still remembered by the pre VR era fans. It is in the film Mohanasundaram that Chandrababu sang first. The song is "Hello My dear Darling, Hello My rose charming"

    There was a reason as to why the songs of TGL became hits. TRM and TRL who both knew carnatic music cooperated and discussed the tunes together.
    After that TRM used TGL in his other movies like Chinnadurai and Vilayaattu Bommai. By this time BR Bantulu who was working as manager under TR Mahalingam got separated from TRM and started Padmini Pictures. This is the banner for which TR Lingappa composed most number of films in Tamil.

    The first film of Bantulu was Kalyanam Panniyum Brahmachaari in 1954. Th Director was P. Neelakantan who initially never thought great of the all time greatest Tamil film Actor Sivaji Ganesan. There are excellent songs in the film. The Bharathidasan song "Vennilaavum Vaanum Poley" was first sung by MM Dhandapani Desigar in the stages. TGL got his permission to use the same song in K.P.Bramachari with some modifications. Then Baradidasan himself approved the tune. Radha Jayalechumy sang the song. The song was recorded in 12 takes. Then the best parts were edited (cut) and pasted. In those days the songs were recorded in the celluloid itself. Thats how the song is still alive today in terms of the emotion, words, and tune. VN Sundaram sang the famous comedy song "Kaviyin Kanavil vaazhum Oviyamey" in which he combines light music with carnatic tune.

    Chandrababu was given a chance to sing for Sivaji in the film "Jolly Life Jolly Life". Chandrababu was begging for singing chances in this film.
    As this film became a hit, Bantulu booked TGL for his other films as well. Mudal Thethi is a film in which TGL made NSK and Dandapani Desigar sing. NSK sings "onnuley Irunthu 20 varaikkum Kondattam". Desigar's song is "Thunbam varumbothu nagaithuduvaai"- an excellent song.
    Then came Sabashe Meena in which there is the favourite song of Valee. Shithiram Pesuthadi - solos by Soolamangalam Sahodari and TMS. Valee lkes the female version. There is also a song that was born from the request of Sivaji. He wanted something different. So TGL brought T. Moti to sing "Kaanaa Inbam Kaninthatheno"-based on a hindustani tune. It became an instant hit.

    TMS had been an ardent admirer of Jeevaratnam. It was the luck of TMS that he could sing with that senior lady. The song is "Thenraley Varaayo-inba sugam tharayo" from the film vaazhviley Oru Naal produced by her hubby Vengatasamy (1956)

    Thangamalai Ragasiyam is another film that lifted P.Suseela to great heights. The song is Amuthai Poliyum Nilavey. The same film was taken in Hindi and this song was retained with Hindi words. Again it became a sucess in the Hindi circles.

    It is said by TGL himself that there are at least two songs that he composed, but came to be used by other MDS. One is "kunguma Poovey" which Chandrababu learnt under TGL and sang for SM Subbiah Naidu in Maragatham.
    The other is the song "Putham Puthu Meni" by Balamurali Krishna and P.Suseela in Subathinam. No one refuted it when he made this statement.

    He then went on to compose in Kannada movies. After a brak he came back to compose in Muradan Muthu of Padmini Pictures. That was the last film where Bantulu used Sivaji Ganesan. There are some wonderful songs there.
    1.Pennasai Kondorku Ullamillai
    2. Thamaraippo Kolathiley saayungala pozhuthiley
    3.Kalyana Oorvalam Paaru
    4. Sirikkinra Mugathai Silai vadippen
    5.Sevvanthippoo chendu Pole Kolikkunju
    6.Kottaiyley Oru aalamaram
    are those good songs.

    It is also said that TGL had played instrument for the song "Amma Enralaikkatha Uyirillaiye" under Ilayaraja.

    TGLingappa is a great MD by any standard. I hope those wo believe in God would pray for his soul to rest in peace. Some of the songs he has composed will follow many of us from "womb to tomb".

  • From: Manisegaran (@ on: Mon Feb 7 00:32:51 EST 2000

    The list of Films where TGL had composed music

    Vilayattu Bommai
    Mudal Thethi
    Thangamalai Rahasiyam
    Muradan Muthu
    Kulandaikal Kanda Kudiyarasu
    Kalyanam Panniyum Bramachari
    Thedi Vantha Selvam
    Kanniyin Sabatham
    Ellorum Innattu Mannar
    Thayin Mel Aanai

    With other MDs
    1. Mangalya Bakyam- with,GR and SM Subbiah Naidu
    2. Veera Amarsingh-with Shanmuga babu
    3. Vaazhviley Oru Naal-with SM Subbiah Naidu and CN Pandurangan

    There are only two songs that are well known in Mudal Thedhi. They are Thunbam varumbothu Nagaithiduvaai by MM Dhandapani Desigar. the other is by NSK-Onnuley Irunthu 20 Varaikkum Kondaattam
    The others are:
    1.agam Kulira Annantham Pirakkum
    2. Ellorum Kelunga
    3. Neelavaan Nedungkunram
    5.Engum Inbamey Pongum

    SOME OF HIS BEST SONGS(Those I like)

    1. Vennilaavum Vaanum Poley-Radha jeyalechumy
    2. Jolly Life Jolly Life-Chnadrababu
    3. Kaviyin Kanavil Vaazhum Oviyamey-VNB Sundaram

    1. Thangamalarey Ullamey-PS
    2. Aasai Vaithaal Athu Mosam-PBS
    3. Amaithee Amaithee Ulagam Engum Orey Amaithee-PBS/PS


    1. Kalyanam,Nam Kalyanam, Kathal Kalyanam Vaibogam Kondaduvom-TMS/Leela
    2. Igalogamey Inithaagumey-TMS/Leela
    3.Amuthai Poliyum Nilavey -happy and sad -PS
    4. Ariyatha Pillai Poley-Jikki/VN Sundaram
    5. Ennai Paarai En Kannai Paarai-Jikki

    1. Thendraley Vaarayo Inbasugam Thaarayo-TMS /Jeevaratnam

    1. Platform Mattamunnnu Ennathinga.SCKrishnan
    2. Panguni Poi Chithirai Vanthaa Pathirikai Vanthidum-TMS/PS
    3.Pakkathiley Iruppen Naan Paathu Paathu Rasippen
    4.Nama Sarakku Romba Nalla Sarakku-TMS
    5.Poovaadai Paavadai-T.Loganathan/T.V.Ratnam
    Ragasiyathilum Ragasiyam-P.Leela

    1. Alangara Valliye-TMS/S Govindarajan
    2. Aanaga Piranthethellam-PS/KJamunarani
    3.Sithiram Pesuthadi-TMS
    4.Sithiram Pesuthadi-Soolamangalam Rajalechumy
    5.Kaanaa Inbam Kaninthatheno-Mothi and P Suseela
    6.Inbathin Vegama-Soolamangalam Rajalechumy

    1. Kuyilisayum Kuzhalisayum Venumaa-AMR/KJamunarani
    2. Thendral Urangidak Koodumadi Enthan Sinthai Urangathu-TMS/Leela
    3.Padippu Thevai athodu uzhaippyu thevai-TMS
    4.Kathal Ullam Kavarntha Neeye-TMS/P.Leela

    1. Virunthaagum Isaiyamutham-S.Govindarajan
    2.Azhagiya Thamarai Kanna-Komala/Jikki
    3.Aasayin Oonjalil Aadidivom-KOmala/Jikki
    4. Sirikka Theriyumaa-SJ

    1. Ellorumey Kaana Kalyanamey-Jikki/AMR
    2. Maaratha Kaathalaley-TMS-PS
    3.Inbam Tharum Nannalithey- Jikki
    4. Minnuvathellaam Ponnagi Pomo-PBS

    1. Ethir Kondu Varavaetkuthey-TRM /S. Janaki
    2.Kaatchiyum Neethaan Katpanaiyum Neethaan-TRM and SJ

    1. Ennarumai Kaathalikku Vennilaavey-TMS
    2. Manamennum Vaaniley -AMR/P. Suseela

    1. Thamaraippoo Kolathiley Sayungala Pozhuthiley-TMS/PS
    2. Pennasai Kondorkku Ullamillai-TMS
    3. Kalyanam OOrvalam Paaru-PS
    4. Sevvanthipoo Chendu Pole Kozhikunju-Soolamangalam Rajalaechumy
    5. Kottyiley Oru Allamaram-S.Govindarajan
    6.Sirikkinra Mugathai SIlai Vadippen

  • From: manisegaran (@ on: Tue Feb 8 11:11:51 EST 2000

    TG LIngappa has also sang.
    1. Somadevaney Yogamaalaney from the film Engal Kudumbam Perisu
    2.Oh Ragini Vaa from Chinnadurai

    Two more songs taht I like are:

    Adi Maduraa Anuradha and Radha Madhava Vinotha Raja from Engal Kudumbam Perisu. It is still believed by many old timers that the song Radha Madhava is the first duet of TMS and P. Suseela. Unfortunatley both TMS and P.Suseela or even others are not able to confirm this detail which most of are searching.

  • From: Manisegaran (@ on: Wed Feb 9 23:33:35 EST 2000

    The last film for TGL was Kadavul Maama, which I had not included in the list.

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