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Manisegaran on Sudarsanam

Original Thread

  • From: Manisegaran (@ on: Mon Jan 26 13:04:00 EST 1998

    R.Sudarsanam is a great composer of those days. When Meyappa Chettiar laid foundation for the inauguration of AVM, he booked Sudarsanam as the asthana isai amaippalar. The AVM-Sudarsanam pairing went on till Naanum Oru Pen. You could see AVM usind other MDs after that, example Mellisai Mannargal in Server Sundram and MSV in Anbe Vaa. R.Sudarsanam is the only MD affectionately called "MASTER" by his contempoaraies. TKRamamurthy had worked under R.Sudarsanam for films like Vayadi Poli Panjali and En Manaivi.Sathya and RV have taken me down the memory lane of the greatest golden era by listing some of the immortal films and songs. Allow me to list out some of the other films and by Sudarsanam not touched by the respondents.

    1.Penne un kathi ithuthana
    2.Un Ennathai Enthan Kannathil Vanthu Ezhuthividu,
    3.Kannam kannam kannam Santhana Kinnam

    1.Valiba Virunthu -TMS7Chandababu
    2.Avan Kathalithan-LRE
    1.Odi Vilayadu Pappa-TS BAgavathy&MSR
    2.Thoondil Puluvinaipol-DKpattammal

    1.Akkam Pakkam Yarumillai Mikkasai Kondoruvan
    2.Vasantha Mullaiyum mallikaiyum.-M.S.R

    1.Nane Rani-S.Varalatchumy
    2.Enathu Ullam-TRMahalingam

    1.Madana Elil Raja Nee Vaaa Jikki & KRR
    2.Nadu Nadakkira Naddayile-TMS&MSR
    3.Kaniyum Suvaiyum-KRR
    4.Inbame Neethan Enrum Illara Inba Raniye
    5. Kulla Podanum -TMS
    6.Kalaiyulagil Vanthidum-TMS&Jikki
    7. Thannale Varum Kasu-P.Suseela
    8. Aratha Thuyaram-TS Bagavathy
    9. Anatham Inge Irukku-TMS Devanarayanan
    10. Maidi Ethada-KRR
    11. Kelamma Kelatha Vellathil-TMS
    12.Boardu Thongumidamellam-TMS

    NAGATHEVADAI(With his brother R.Govarthanam)
    1.Prabo Nagatheva=P.Suseela
    2.Prabo En Ithayam-P.Suseela
    3. Isai Padi Sulandru-"
    4.Namo-Namo Nadaraja-TSbagavathy&co
    5.Sathasiva Nadaraja-MLV
    6.paramesanin Sirameviya-MLV

    1.Iraiva Iraiva-CSJ
    3. Intha Udal-AP Komala
    4.Palya Iruthaya-P.Suseela

    1.Pathu Viral Mothiram(Inge Iruppatha)-MLV
    2.Mogana Ranga Ennai Parada-S.Govindarajan &MLV
    3.Yogiyan Enbavan-TMS
    4.Mazhaiyum Peyithu Manjal Veyilum Kayithu-TMS
    5.Maithunare Inimele-MLV&AP.Komala
    6. Panam Panam -TMS
    7. Oru Pathu Matham-TMS-SCK

    SAGODARI-Please include
    1.Uravu Thanthai Kannale-R.Balasaraswathy
    2.Malarum Malarum Nallarame-""

    1.Kavikkuyil Neethana-P.B.S & K.Jamunarani
    2.Kadal Illathu Anantham ethu-AM Raja&K.Jamunarani
    3.Valluvan Vetham Maravathey-SoolRaj&Jeyalechumees
    4.Singame Singame-""

    THILAKAM Please include:
    1.Santhegam Ennum Oru Sarakku-SCK& Rajalechumy
    2.KAthiruntha Kannukku Oli Vanthathu-MLV
    3. Manasukkulle-MLV
    4.Mariyamma-Seer'Govindarajan, Sool Raj. SCK &LRE
    5. Ezhaikkum Valvukkum-MLV,Seer.Govindarajan,TSB


    KULADEIVAM-please include
    1.Kottu Potta Chinna Machane-P.Suseela
    2.Vetkamillai(Korikkaiyatru Kidakkuthanne)-C.S.J
    3.Varayo Ennai Parayo-MLV
    4.Anum Pennum Vazvile-MLV
    5.Pattam Vittaraiya-P.Suseela
    6.Kathal Kathal Kathal-TMS

    PENN-please include:
    1.Pollathanathai Enna Solven Kanna-AP Komala
    2.Mathar thammai Adimai Seiyum-T.A.Moti
    3.Andavan Agasamathil Thoonguginrare-CSJ
    4.Kathalinba Valvile-TS Bagavathy
    5.Jathi Betham-V.Nagayah
    6.Pennai Nambathey-kalatchebam-T.A.Moti


    ANNAI-Please include:
    1.Buthiyulla Manitharellam-Chandrababu


    KALATHOOR KANNAMMA-Please include
    1.Malaril Mathu Etharku-Jikki
    2.Sirithalum Aluthalum Nilai Onnuthan--CSJ




    NAAM IRUVAR-too many, but don't leave out:-
    2. Nigar Vazhvinile Anandam-TRM&T.S.Bagavathy.

    1.Enni Enni Parka Manam-MSR
    2.Un Kan Unnai Ematrinal-TR Ramachandran
    3.Un Kan Unnai Ematrinal-MS Rajeswary
    4.Nandagopallanodu Nan Aduvene-MLV
    5.Asai Kiliye-P.A.Periyanayagi.

    1.Kalaithanil-Seergali Govindarajan

    Sathya, Katpaga cholayile is by T R Mahalingam in another Srivalli acted by Sivaji Ganesan in which the MD is G.Ramanathan. Its a colour film. Sirippu Varuthu by Chandrababu is in Andavan Kattalai not in Annai.Odi Vilayadu Pappa in Vedala Ulagam is by TSBagavathy(Not TR Mahalingam) and MS Rajeswary.

  • From: Manisegaran (@ on: Tue Jan 27 10:29:37 EST 1998

    Sathya, you are right about Avan Pithana. The MD is S.Parthasarathy. The songs are:-
    1.Mapillai Manasukku-P.Suseela
    2.Andavan Padaippil-LRE
    3.Ayiram Mutham Tharuven tharuven-P Suseela
    4.Kilakku Veluthathadi-TMS&PSuseela
    5.Iraivan Irulkirana-TMS and P.Suseela

    VALIBA VIRUNTHU is also by Sudarsanam Master.
    Please include the following in Manamakal Thevai
    1.Manamakal Thevai-TMS
    2.Engey Engey En Kannukku Virunthengey-TMS&P.Siseela
    I must admit that there is so much confusion on several aspects of the Cine News. This is because the original key players in the cine field are no more alive to testify many obscure areas. Even the so-called authorities do make mistakes and retract later. The song books are in many cases not too reliable. Again in the case of the MDs, there is more confusion. If you look at the record it will bear name of one MD and the song book will contain another.
    Music for Villambu Patta Pun in Manamagal is composed and sung by CS Jayaraman, while the rest of the songs are by CR Subbaraman. Thiruparam Kundrathil Nee Sirithal in Kanthan Karunai is by Kunnakudi Vaithianathan, whereas the rest of songs are from KVM mama. Kannil Theriyum Kathaigal has 5 composers, which we know as it is closer to our own period. Genoa has 3 MDs -MSV, Kalyanam and GNanamani.Moonru Penkal has 3 compoers-KVM,Asvathama and Kunnakudi Vaithianathan.Manoratham is by G.Ramanathan and CN Pandurangan.Puthu Valvu of MKT has 2 composers-G Ramanathan and CN Pandurangan.Rathnakumar of PU Chinnappa has 2 composers-G Ramanathan and CR Subbaraman.Pattaliyin Vetri has 2 composers-Master Venu and S.Rajeswara Rao. Nalu Veli Nilam has 2 composers-KVM and Athmanathan. Nadodi Mannan has SMS Naidu as the main MD but some songs are by other MDs-so say the credits in the film. The song Kongu Natu Sengarumbe Thangachilaye and Vanameethil Neenthi Odum Vennilave has been sung by both Tiruchy Loganathan and Seergali Govindarajan for Gomathiyin Kathal and there are 2 separate records(MD is GRamanathan)But look ath the song book-different editions give tdifferent details to the singers.(The back ground to this switch is very intersting as rlated to me by Seergaliar when he visited me in my house in Malaysia) Some songs may not be in the film, but will be in song book. Maharajan Ulagai Aalalam in KARNAN, Neeradum Kankal Ingey in VENNIRA AADAI and Thenral Varum Sethi Varum in PALA PAZHAMA are only examples.But they are in the song books.Confusion after confusion both in gathering and in verifying the information. So it depends what you get hold of-credits in film, song book or records. Sadly it is the story of 3 blind men touching different parts of the elephant and coming out strongly and insisting on their own findings. This is the reason that we cant have "Kalanjiyam" in Cine News. Can I now include one more song that I missed last night please? It is Ulagame Ethirthalum in Poomalai by C.S.Jayaraman

  • From: Maniesegaran (@ on: Tue Jan 27 10:33:55 EST 1998

    Please include the following songs in VALIBA VIRUNDTHU(not MANAMAGAL THEVAI)
    1. Manamagal Thevai Nalla Manamagal Thevai-TMS
    2. Engey ENgey ENgey EN Kannukku Virunthengey_TMS&P.Suseela

  • From: Manisegaran (@ on: Tue Jan 27 10:41:29 EST 1998

    The 3 MDs in Moonru Penkal are KVM, Asvathama and KUNNAKUDI VENGATRAMAN. You see within seconds I am aslo retracting and verifying that there is so much confusion. Pathi Vizhigal moodi Kidanthen Paadal Bothayile athanal Kunnakudi Vengatraman had been typed as Vaithiyanathan. Sorry brothers.

  • From: Manisegaran (@ on: Sat Jan 31 12:01:10 EST 1998

    I am not gone for good. After my last posting I went outstation on holidays and just returned today. I am not in any way upset with you but my only fear is that I just cannot be a daily visitor to this site. But I must confess that I am pretty addicted to this site as butter is to bread (Naan Yen Piranthen-Coconut Seenivasan dialogue)Could you please tell me in which line you had communicated with me?

    The one who acted with MKT in Chintamani in 1937, produced by TV Rao(actress Lechumy's father) is the actress Asvathama who is different from the MD Asvathama The MD Asvathama has also composed for films like Kulamangai, Deivabalam, Pizhaikkum Vazhi and Naan Kanda Sorgam.

    There was a query on Malligai Poo Jathi Roja from the film Raji En Kanmani. I hope the enquirer would visit this site. I saw the film when I was 7 years old, so I hope my memory serves right. It is a Gemini film, commercially a flop, but created sensation in the community for the untimely storyline. It was acted by T.R. Ramachandran, Sri Ranjani and Sreeram. TRR appears as a pichaikkaran, playing harmonium, and Sri Ranjani as a blind flower seller. They team up and she sings to attract customers. One of the songs is Malligai Jathip Poo Roja. They fall in love. Sri Ranjani has not seen the face of TRR, but once touches his face to get the feel of his face. TRR then meets up with a doctor(Sreeram) to arrange for the eye operation of Sri Ranjani.He leaves Sri Ranjani in the house of the doctor and goes to make financial arrangements. Some soolchi takes place happens and he is sent to jail. Later he tries to escape but police shoot his leg and extend his jail term. After waiting for a long time the doctor gives up hope and performs free operation. Having given up the hope of ever seeing TRR they get married. They have a son. While the mother and son go for a walk,the boy crosses the road he is almost knocked down by a car. But he is saved by a limping stranger. But in the course of saving the boy he is hit on the face. TRR recognises Sri Ranjani and is shocked to learn of the marriage. Sri Ranjani who does not recognise TRR takes him home and nurses him. As she touches his face she has a feeling that she has touched the face before. The doctor who turns up at that moment identifies TKR. TKR takes him to a corner and says that his coming was accidental and never intended to destroy the family. He wishes them well and leaves the house. SUBAM!

    In those days the Gemini organisation never believed in promoting any individual artiste. It believed in team work. There will be credits like MUSIC by Gemini Isaikkulu, STORY by Gemini Story Ilakka etc. It was only in the later days that they slowly relaxed this style and started to reveal the individual artistes. Anyway, the MD for Raji En Kanmani is Parthasarathy. Apart from Mallikai Poo Jathy Roja there is another "KILLER" song called "Sundara Malare Solliduvaye En Anbar Vanthal Ennidam Neeye" by the same R. Balasaraswathy Devi.
    In this film a test was made on the acceptability of western music in Tamil films. Both the songs are Spanish in origin. The songs became widely accepted and appreciated as the MD introduced more mood and feelings into them. Thats all I can remember on something that I saw at the tender age of 7. May be some elders in this site could correct me if I have gone wrong on the details.

    There was a querry on some minute details. I am sorry I do not have them as I have not seen the movie. From the info I have the MDs are MSV/TKR, the story dialogue and screenplay are by M.S. Kannan.Songs are by Valliappa and Maruthakazi. Apart from Varunthathey Manamey by SC Krishnan there is also a song "Nalla Nalla Sevai Nattukku Thevai" by Jikki& Co. and another song called "Vinaya" by Gandasala. More than this I do not know. Very sorry.

  • From: Manisekaran (@ on: Sun Feb 1 10:24:56 EST 1998

    Aada Vantha Deivam is starred by TRM, Anjali Devi, E.V. Saroja and MR Radha.The MD is KVM.There are some super songs as follows:-
    1.Kodi Kodi Inbam Perave Thedi Vantha Selvam-P.Suseela
    2.Kodi Kodi Inbam Peravey Thedi Vantha Selvam-TRM
    3.Aasai Kondem Amuthamey-TRM
    4.Sangam Muzhangivarum Singara Thamizh Kalaiye-TRM
    5.Sottu sottunu sottuthu paru ingey -TRM/P.Suseela
    6.Nilayaga En Nenjil Oli Veesum Deepam-P.Suseela
    7.Valiya Vantha Seetheviya Thallathey-K.Jamunarani.
    Songs are by Maruthakazi.

  • From: Manisekaran (@ on: Sun Feb 1 10:43:54 EST 1998

    Hindi Theriyamaley AAN padalgalai Try Pannugiren. Uthattil irunthu Mozhivathu Hindi, but En Ullathil irunthu Pozhivathuthan Thaithamizh. Aagave anniya mozhyil pizhai irunthal porutharulavendum.
    1.Kan Kanathathum - 1.Jane Ne Nazar
    2.Jala Jala Jala Jal - 2.Jala Jal Jala
    3.Aaha Nanithai Arinthu - 3.Jumne Januki Umkiliye
    4.Karirul Neram - 4.Rath hangeri
    5.Anbe Vaa Azhaikkindra -5.Ajare Abu MeraDilpukara
    6.Kalyanam Oorvalam Varum- 6.Rajaki Ayegi Barat.
    7.Minnal Polagumintha - 7. Chotisi Ye Zindagani
    8.Un Perai Ketten 8.Sun Peke Ki Nam

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