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Manisegaran on the downfall of stars

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  • From: Manisegaran (@ on: Tue May 12 11:32:25 EDT 1998

    Ithu enna pramatham? Nadippisai Pulavar KR Ramasamy sang the following song of Kannadasan for the film Senthamari:
    paavalar seitha thamizh kalai paattanri
    veru ethayum paadamaatten.

    That was the end of his singing career. Thereafter others had to give playback voice. In the film Avan Amaran Seergazhi Govindarajan had to give him playback voice. The song was:

    Vaanmathi Nee Arivar
    Vanjamillaamal vaadugiren
    Aavalinaal.(tune taken from the Hindi film Taxi Driver)

    Senthamarai was the first film of Director Bhimsingh. It was released much later as the 13th film.

    In the film Sivagangai Seemai Kannadasan wrote another song as follows:
    "Vidiyum vidiyum enrirunthom-athu
    mudiyum pozhiuthaai vidinthathadaa"

    This brought about the flop of the film and ended up winding up "Kannadasan Films". Kannadasan had to start a new company called Visalatchy Films.

  • From: Manisegaran (@ on: Tue May 12 11:34:53 EDT 1998

    The Avan Amaran song should read:
    Vaanmathi Nee Arivaai
    Vanjamillaaa Kaathalinaal
    Vaadugiren Aavalinaal.

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