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Manisegaran on Mu.Karunanidhi and Ka.Mu.Sheriff

Original Thread

  • From: Manisekaran (@ on: Thu Apr 23 07:07:09 EDT 1998


    Anna restricted to dialogue and story alone in the cine field. But Mu.Ka has gone a step further to compose songs for the films. Even then he had to restrict writing songs for reasons I just cannot mention here. But he had to give chance to ohter lyricists, more to Udumalaiyaar. Let me give a list of songs that Karunanithi wrote:

    1. velka naadu velkavey- kanchi Thalaivan
    2. Pothu Nalam-Rangoon Radha
    3. Oru pEroLi-orEy Ratham
    4. Ootredukkum-Naam
    5. Anna Vaazhgavey-Naam
    6.Kudi uyara- Thookku Medadi
    7.Thhtralai Kandu- ""
    8. Ammaiyappa-Ammaiyappan
    9. Maari Magamaayi-Naam
    10. Surulu Meesai- Veeran Velu thamby
    11. Nenjukku Needhi-nenjukku Neethi
    12.Aara Amara- Makkal Aanayittaaal
    13.Puthiyathor- Naam
    14. Vazhkkai Ennum Odam-Poombukaar
    15. Oorukku uzhaippavandee- Manthiri Kumari
    16. ilvaahviniley oli Etrum deepam-parasakthy
    17.Kannam Kannam kannam santhanakkinnam-Poomalai
    18.Alaiyirukkuthu kadaliley-Kuravanchi
    19.manippura puthu manippura-Raja Rani
    20. Velayillatha-'' ''
    21. Aayiram Piraikal- thooku Medai
    22. Aazhi Soozha Raja Rani
    23. Kaathal Pura- ammaiyappan.
    24.Pesum Yaazhe Penmaney-Naam
    26.Kurinji Malaril-Thookku Medai
    27. Odayiley- Rangoon Radha
    28. Ayarpaadi-" "
    29. Meelatha Sogam- Naam
    30. Onnu Kodutha- Marakka Mudiyuma
    31. Kaatril Aadum Mullaikkodiye-Rangoon Radha
    32. Kakitha ODam-Marakka Mudiyuma
    33. Poomaalai Neeyen -Parasakthy
    34. Thamizhey Theney Kanne Thalelo-Rangoon Radha
    35.Sinna Puthu-Ammaiyappan
    36.Neelakkadal- Ammaiyappan
    38.Vanga Vanga- Raja Rani
    40.Leela- Raja Rani
    40. Neer Mel-Kanchi Thalaivan

    Thamizharasu Kazhagam:
    There was a group within Congress which felt that the congress was imposing norhtern doctrines in the south and nothing much was done to promote the interest of the Tamils, especially at a time when the powrful DMK was clamouring for the welbeing of the Tamils. This group also felt that Kamraj was isolating some powerful and talented personalities. So they formed the Thamizharasu Kazhagam not so much as a political party but to test the waters to see if they could win the support of the masses by capitalising on the culture of the Tamils. AP Nagarajan, Ma.Po.Sivagnanam, Ka Mu Sheriff, Producer Venu, later the TKS Brothers and a few others joined in.
    While not being able to break away a big faction from within the Congress, they made the mistake of attacking the DMK leaders. There was no clear-cut programmes, and financial backing, nor the needed leadership. Result? Slow, steady and peaceful death.(Is this politics, or history?)


    Ka Mu Sheriff(KMS) is a good poet. You must read the "Ka Mu Sheriff Kavithaikal" to get a glimpse of his depth of poetic ability. He is also a good writer and a literary critic. You must have heard Umaru Pulavars's Seerappuranam. KMS had written a beautiful review of the ten chapters of the seerappuranam. Has also written good novels like Tanjai Ilavarasi, vidhiyai Velluvom, Nalla Manaivi. Had released collection onf poems entitled Oli and Amuthakalasam.He was also an editor of a magazine called Saattai. His contribution of songs for cinema had not been that many, yet he did create sufficient impact. He cannot be identified as a samooga paadalaasiriyar or kathal paadalaasiriyar. He has written songs for all occassions. The non-samooga padalkal are:

    1. Kaattukkuley kandapoovu kannai parikkuthu-Naan Petra Selvam
    2.Malaratha Malarellam Malaravey-Theivamey Thunai
    3.Thottakkara Chinna Maama, Thoppukulley Pogalama, kaattu maadu meyithu paar angey, En aasai maama kaval Azhagai puriyithey angey- Mathavi

    4. Vaanil Muzhu Mathiyai Kanden-Sivakami
    5. Eri Karayin Meley Poravaley-Muthalali
    6. Sittukkuruvi sittukkuruvi seithi theriyuma-Town Bus
    7.Ponnana Vazhvey Mannagi Pomo-Town Bus
    8.Ulavum Thenral Kaatriniley-Manthiri Kumari.
    9. Naan Petra Selvam nalamaana selvam-naan Petra Selvam

    The samooga Paadalkal are like:

    1. Panam Panthiyiley Kunam Kuppayiley
    2. Aada Venum Paada Venum Inbamaaga
    3.Annayai Pol Oru Theivamillai- Annayin aanai
    4. Vaazhnthaalum Esum Thaazhnthaalun Esum-Naan Petra Selvam
    5.Jathiyiley Naanga Thazhnthavanga-Puthu Yugam

    Of course Pattukkottaiyar will swallow every other song writer in so far as samoogap padalkal is concerned. His daily breath is samoogam. When Director Sridar praised PKS fir the kathal songs in Kalyana Parisu, PKS replied that he was having the samoogam in mind when he wrote those songs. He has written kathal songs, which were very much influenced by samooga sinthanaikal, which he himself admits.


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