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Manisegaran on Kannadasan and Kaa.Mu.Sheriff

Original Thread

  • From: Manisekharan (@ on: Wed Apr 22 08:33:22 EDT 1998

    Sathya Keerthi:


    In your posting dated 20 April you had mentioned that 90% of the people are not aware that the Thiruvilayaadal song "Paattum Naaney Paavamum Naaney" was composed by Ka. Mu Sheriff, and that it was the Thiruttuvilayaadal of APN. Paattum Naaney Baavamum Naaney is undoubtedly composed by Kannadasan in the "set" (recording studio) in the presence and to the tune of KVM. APN is dead and gone, but KVM and TMS who are directly involved are still alive today to testify to this truth. I believe you must have taken this misleading info from T. Jayakanthan's book "Oru Ilakkiyavaathiyin Kalaiyulaka AnubavangaL". If that is your source then Jayakanthan is misleading the readers. The controversy to this song was already clarified in th bud itself.

    But what Jayakanthan had wanted to say( I presume) was that Kannadaasan had copied the song "irukkum Idathai Vittu Illatha Idam thedi Engengo AlaikinRaar gnanathangamey" from Ka.Mu. Sheriff. This was again clarified by Kannadasan. This is a sithar paadal. Both Ka.Mu.Sheriff and Kannadasan had used this sithar paadal seperately in 2 diferent films, sung by 2 different singers.Fortunately the MD for both the songs is KVM.

    1. In the Film Panam Panthiyiley Ka.Mu Sheriff wrote this song and was sung by TMS:

    Irukkum idathai vittu illatha idathilellaam
    viruppudan Thediduvaar gnanathangamey!-Avar
    Yethum aRiyaradi gnanathangamey!

    uNmaiyey pEsiduvaar oru pizhaiyum seithaRiyaar
    oorellaam thootRidumey gnanathangamey-avarai
    othukkiyey vaithidumey gnanathangamey!

    naakkiniley inippirukkum nenjiley nanjirukkum
    nallavarpOl nadithiduvaar gnanathangamey!-avarai
    naadum nambidumey gnanathangamey!

    Othatha noolkaLillai uraikkaatha gnanamillai
    ethu uNmai enraRiyaar gnanathangamey!-ulakil
    ivarkaLum vaazhukindraar gnanathangamey!

    panthamethu paasametu bakthi ethu mukthi ethu
    anthamentu aathi ethu gnanathangamey- ithai
    aRinthavar yaarumillai gnanathangamey!-ennai
    arinthavar yaarumillai gnanathangamey.

    2. In the film Thiruvarut Chelvar, Kannadasan wrote as follows and Seergazhi Govindarajan sang the song:

    irukkum idathai vittu illatha idam thedi
    yEngengo alaikinRaar gnanathangamEy!-avar
    yEthumaRiyaradi gnanathangamEy!

    unnaiyey ninaithiruppaan uNmayai thaanuraippaan
    oorukku pagaiyaavaaan gnaanathangamEy-avan
    oozhvinal yenna solvEn gnanathangamEy

    nanjinai nenjil vaithu naavinil anbu vaithu
    nallavan pol nadippaan gnanathangamEy-avan
    naadakam yenna solvEn gnanathangamEy-gnanathangamEy

    thoNdukkendrEy alaivaan kElikku aaLavaan
    kandukoLvaai avanai gnanathangamEy-avan
    kadavuLil paathiyadi gnanathangamEy!gnanathangamEy!

    There was a time when Ka.Mu. Sheriff and kannadasan could not see eye to eye owing to political differences. Ka.Mu Sheriff and APN belonged to Thamizharasu Kazhagam, while Kannadasan initially belonged to DMK. Ka Mu Sheriff and Maruthakazi were once travelling in a car and Ka Mu Sheriff said Kannadasan should be righftully called "kaLLadasan", all because he kannadasan lifted ideas from sangap paadalkaL. But Maruthakazi came for the defence and said that even if it is so it is only Kannadasan who could have handled the sangap paadalkaL so beautifully in the cine situation. After some moment of deep thouth Ka.Mu Sheriff acknowledged that it is only kannadasan who has enriched cine songs with so much literary taste.

    Ka Mu Sheriff patched up with Kannadasan when kannadasan was losing interest in DMK, and when APN started to make use of Kannadasan in Vadivukku Valaikkappau and Navarathiri.

    I was fortunate to have entered into a discussion with Ka. Mu. Sheriff in 1984 when he came by when the 2n Tamil Writers Conference was in session in Kuala Lumpur. I quickly got the cine information that I had wanted.

    I believe the confusion has now been ironed out.


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