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Manisegaran on BharathiDasan

  • From: Manisekaran (@ on: Fri Feb 20 12:29:43 EST 1998

    BARADIDASAN was at one time a full scale supporter and worker for Tamil films.Manikkodi writers started a film called RAMANUJAR for which Baradidasan wrote songs, especially under the request of the famous writer Va.Ra. This first film started by journalists was a flop. Then Baradidasan worked for the film called BALAMANI ALLATHU PAKKATH THIRUDAN.When the Self-Respecting? group(suyamariyathai)started the film KALAMEGAM, Baradidasan composed story, dialogue, and songs. Nadasvaran Rajarathinam Pillai also acted in this film. Then he worked for the Modern Theatre films SULOCHANA and SUBATHRA by contributing screenplay,dialogue and songs. He summarised the story of 1000 THALAI VANGIYA ABOORVA SINTHAMANI and wrote screenplay and dialogue. He earned criticism for using such themes containing unbelievable and superstitious story. Next he wrote dialogue for the film Unexpected Kiss-ETHIRPARATHA MUTHAM-which is originally his own Kappiyam. He also wrote dialogue and screenplay for Valayapathy where he entered into a fierce clash with MD S.Dachinamurhty for the song Kulungidum Poovilellam by TMS and K.Jamunarani(Hindi tune copied from the Hindi film MALHAR, song is Bade Arman by Mukesh and Latha)This is the film where Sowkar Janaki first acted as heroine. He tried to take a film out of Pandiyan Parisu, but never materialised.

    Compared to Barathiyar's songs, thers are fewer songs of Baradidasan in the Tamil Fims. Let me quickly identify a few:-
    1.Vennilavum Vaanum Poley-(Sollamangalam Rajalechumy)Kalyanam Panniyum Bramachari.
    2.Aadatkalayazhagu-(P.Leela and Ganasarasvathy) Naney Raja.
    3.Kathal Vazhviley-T.Mothi and P.Leela
    4.Aalayin Sangey Nee Oothayo-Rathakkanneer
    5.Thalai Vari Poochoody Unnai-Rangon Ratha
    6.Puthiyathor Ulagam Seivom-Chandrothayam
    7.Sangey Muzhangu-Kalangarai Vilakkam
    8.Chithira Cholaigaley-Naan En Piranthen
    9.Thamizhukkum Amuthendru Per-(PS.)-Panjavarnakkili
    10.Paadi Paadi(Chandrababu and K.Jamunarani)-Petra Manam
    11. Thunbam Nergayil Yaazh Eduthu Nee Inbam Serlkmattaya(MSRajeswary)-Or Iravu.
    12.Akkam Pakkam Yarumillai-(MSRajeswary)-Or Iravu

    Baradidasan has written several songs for the films but went unrecorded as the records of those days do not bear the names of the song writes. Kulungidum Poovilellam is one that has been verified by an external source. Film companies do not acknowlege the song writers in many cases. The songs that he wrote for films are many. many songs are still under dispute as to who is exactly the writer. I saw the record bearing the name of Baradidasan for the song Ponmeny Katti Ennai INbathil Aazthuvan by Jikki. I have listed the fils he worked for. There are songs there written by him, but the records do not mention anything.

    Thunbam Nergayil is in Or Iravu where the MD is Sudarsanam. Buth this song was much earliersung by MM Dandapani Desigar in Kacherikal. AVM approached him to use the same tune in Or Iravu. Vennilavun Vaanum Poley was likewise sung by Desigar in Kacheris but Banthulu and P.Neelakandan who were co producers of thae film Kalyanam Panniyum Bramachari used the tune with permission.Many of CS Jayaraman's Kachery songs entered cinemas in this manner. He himslef was MD for Ratha Kanneer and Naam.

    1.30am-Aavi Nadamaadum Neram.Good Night/morning.

  • From: Manisekaran (@ on: Sun Feb 22 06:28:08 EST 1998


    Itho Antha paadal

    F= Kulungidum Poovilellam Thenaruvi Kandathanaal
    Vandu Kathalinaal Naatha Thaviduthey Thaaviduthey
    Inbam Meviduthey

    M=Konjidum Anjugamey Odi Vantha Jodippura
    Koodi Aananthamai Konji Paadiduthey Paadiduthey
    Inbam Naadiduthey

    F=Kulirudan Maalaivelai Kollum Nesam Enna Solven

    M=Manamum Thendral Kaatrum Onraiyodru Maruviduthey

    F=Alaavi Vanathaiyey Thaavumoru Maamarathai
    Anbaal Mullaikkodi Odithaviduthey
    Aanantham Naatha Meviduthey

    BOTH= kulungidum poovilellam Thenaruvi Kandathanaal
    Vandu Kathalinaal Aha Thaviduthey Thaviduthey Inbam Meviduthey

    M=Kathalaal Inba Vaazhvu Kaikkoodum Evvuyirkum-Aathalaaley Mayiley

    F=Kathallal Namiruvar

    M=Aathalaley Mayiley

    F=Kaathalaal Naamiruvar

    M=Sernthey Inbamellam Vainthey Vazhnthiduvom-Vazhnthiduvom Naamey Vaazhnthiduvom

    F=En Pol Bagyavathy Yaarumillai Ulaginiley-Inbam Inbam Nam irandu Manam Oru Manamey


    Originally Baradidasan wrote Thenaruvi "KAMAZHNTHATHANAAL" but the MD changed it to "Kandathathanaal".Baradidasan said the MD had no right over the wording.But the MD S Dachinamurthy said he had to make changes for easy flow of the tune. They exchanged words and Baradidasan went out and slammed his car door. A boy from the recording studio(primitive in those days)ran out to Baradidasan and told him not to slam the door as the noise may be recorded. Baradidasan replied that if the sound equipment refuse to record "KAMAZNTHATHANAAL", how could it then possibly record the slam of the door. Baradidasan drove away.

  • From: Manisekaran (@ on: Fri Feb 27 12:33:09 EST 1998

    Ravi, Enakku MOunt Road'il Silai Undo? I just happen to be sharing some info that I have. Yam Petra Thagaval Peruga Intha TFMDF.

    Two important songs of Baradidasan that I missed. 1.One is by CS Jayaraman in Kuladeivam.

    Korikkai Atru Kidakkuthanney nIngu Veril Pazhutha Pala- Miga
    Kodiyathendru Pattathanney Kulir Vidugindra Vatta Nila
    Vetkamilla Vetkamillai Ingu yaarukkum Vetkamillai
    2. The othe is in Kokilavani, by AM Raja. This is a song that made Conventschool girls jeer at a professor when he read out this poem.The girls had blue uniform.

    Neelavaan Aadaikkul Udal Maraithey
    Nila vendru Kaattugindrai oli Mugathai
    Kolam Muzhuthum Kaattivittal Kaathal Kollaiyiley
    Ivvulagam Saramo?
    Good Night.

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