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Manisegaran on A.M.Raja

Original Thread

  • From: Manisegaran (@ on: Sun Apr 1 21:25:00 EDT 2001

    AM Rajah is one of my favourite singers. Though he had a goodvoice and won the adminration of many fans, he brought his own downfall. I had posted sopme details on AM Rajah in one of the threads, I do not remember where.

    KVM composed based on a Hindi tune. Later of course other MDS like Dachinamurthy, Sudharsanam, CN Pandurangarao, Rajeswara Rao,Chalapathi Rao, MSV-Ramamurthy and G. Ramanathan used him.

    Even in the very iniitial stages, AM Rajah was a very difficult person to work with. In fact in the initial stages, after the film Samsaram, it was KVMahadevan who promoted AM Rajah. In Kumari he sang the song "Azhiyatha Kathal Vazhvil Anaiyatha Jothiyaai". But, he was not cooperative with many MDS. KVM last used him in Manamulla Marutharam where he sang "Kayile Inippathenna Kanianaal Kasappathenna" with Jikki. After that KVM decided not to use him at all. This became known to everyone in the film circle.

    In 1958, AM Rajah decided to become an MD himself. He composed for Kalyana Parisu, and as it was an instant hit, he went on to compose for other films like Anbukkor Anni, Then Nilavu, Vidivellki, Aadiperukku. Around this time, ie the early 1960s, AM Rajah began to suspect that the cine industry was gossipping about him. Therfore he kept away from many people who promoted him. Sreedhar wanted AM Rajah to compoose songs for nenjil Ore Aalayam, but as AM Rajah was not cooperative he gave the chance to Visvanathan Ramamoorthy. Later, Sreedhar used him fopr Vidivelli.After composing the songs for Then Nilavu, AM Rajah refused to compose background music for the film. As a result Sreedhar could not release the movie. Sreedhar had to come to the feet of AM Rajah. Still he did not oblige. Finally the matter went to the ears of MGR, who talked to AM Rajah and finally he obliged. That was the last for the Sreedhar-AM Rajah team. After that Sreedhar went for Visvanathan- no more AM Rajah.

    This attitude of AM Rajah went around in the cine circles. So AM Rajah decided to keep himself and his wife out of the cine circles. He did not regret at all, as he was getting good income from the tourist cars that he was running. By this time PB Sreenivas was already shooting into popularity. So it was a perfect switch over. AM Rajah did make a come back on his own effort when he composed for the film Veettu Mappillai. We may remember "Rasi Nalla Rasi" with Jikki in that film. The song followed old tunes, and did not really suit the modern taste.After that Shankar Genesh used him in Puguntha Veedu-"Senthamaraiye Senthen Nilave" with Jikki. Then came Rangarattinam where he sang "Muthaaramey Un Oodal Ennavo" with LR Eswary

    Somehow, by the early 1970s the one time golden voice of AM Rajah was found not to be suiting the new cine environment.

    In short, AM Rajah became his own enemy. But while he was actively singing, almost all his songs became super hits.

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