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First song: "alliyin vennilaa vanthathu pola" from Modern Theatres's
"Maayavathi"(1948). It was sung by K.B.Komala. Some of
his famous songs
chittukuruvi chittukuruvi sethi theriyumaa - town bus
ponnaana vaazhvu mannaago pomaa - Maangalyam
Panam panthiyile gunam kuppayile - Panam panthiyile
vaanil muzhu mathiyai kanden - Sivakaami
Ondru serntha anbu maarumaa - Makkalai petra magaraasi
annayai pol oru deivam illai - annayin aanai
kunguma pottukkaaraa kona kiraappukkaaraa - Mudhalaali
vaazhnthaalum aesum - naan petra selvam

He was writing song for dramas, initially. (Was publishing the
magazine "Oli" in Tiruvaarur also.) He has close connections with
Kalaingar. In fact he was one to introduce Kalaingar to dialogue

"Varushathukku 2-3 padangal thaan varum. oru paattu ezhutha 3 maatham
varaikkum kavingargal time eduthukkuvaanga. appo isaiamaippaalar
kavingar pinnaalaye poi tune-ai vaasichu kaanbichukitte
irukkanum. oru kavingar tune-ai vaasichu sollivittu thoongi
viduvaar. avar thoongittaarunnu therinjaalum isai amaippaalar
vaasichukitte iruppaaR", endru antha kaalathu nilamayai ivar
oru murai vivarithu irukkiraar.

There is a rumor that "paattum naane"(Thiruvilayaadal) was written
by Ka.Mu.Sheriff but in the movie it appears as Kannadhaasan's.
Apparently A.P.N was behind this episode. Some of the songs 
Ka.Mu.Sheriff wrote for "Siva leelaa", it seems, were used in
Thiruvilayaadal and Thiruvarutselvar.

"Indraya samuthaayam" is his poetry work. "Machchakkanni" and
"Bheeshmar" are his short prose works.

He recd Kalaimaamani award in 1972.

He wrote songs for over 100 movies. His birthplace is Abiviruthi
eeswaram. He used to write and recite poems in young age itself.

From: Manisegaran (@ on: Fri Jul 26 21:53:08 EDT 2002

Dear Friends

I have explained this earlier in one of the discussions. Paattum naaney is certainly by Kannadasan. APN, Kannadasan and KVM have passed on to the next world, but TMS is still around to bear witness to the fact. Anyone can ask him to verify.

I know the background to this controversy. Jayakanthan in his book "Oru Ilakkiyavaathiyin Kalaiyulaga anubavangal" has written that Paattum Naaney Paavamum Naaney is by KM Sherrif. This triggered off the controversy.

There are two songs of KM Sheriff and Kannadasan which have almost similar wordings, and caused the controverr. The song is

Irukkum Idathai VIttu
Illatha Idam Thedi

This is from the film Panam Panthiyile by KM Sherrif

The similar one is by Kannadasan in Thiruvarut Chelvar. These two songs would appear like carbon copies. Thiruvarut Chelvar and Thiruvilayadal have been brought inside and confused.

I am clear, sure and certain, unless otherwise proven.


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