What should you pay attention to when buying bearings

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-04


When we buy bearings, we not only have to consider the authenticity of the bearings, but also need to stop thoroughly inspecting the appearance of the bearings, find faults and damages in time, and select good bearings.


The bearing visual inspection method

1. Check whether there are various mechanical scars, such as abrasion, scratches, extrusion, impact, etc., which form a bad bearing device, resulting in eccentric load and stress concentration, and the formation accuracy is not accurate.


2. Look at the appearance of the bearings can prevent rust, black leather and pitting, the last two are easy to store moisture and dirt defects, it is easy to rust. Corrosion is a serious source of pollution that leads to poor equipment, early wear and fatigue, and strong rust can cause the bearings to roll back.


3. Carefully monitor whether there are various cracks in the bearings, such as raw data cracks, forging cracks, heat treatment cracks and grinding cracks. These cracks will become the source of stress concentration and speed in the future operation of the bearings. Expansion and the formation of the bearing rupture have a great impact on the service life and operational safety of the bearings.


4. Check whether the coating on the surface of the bearing can be cleaned and folded. The two defects are not separated from the base metal, and carbon decarburization or carbon depletion often occurs near this level. Data is easily destroyed. Depression or wear will affect the service life and accuracy of the bearings.

5. Adhere to the quality of rivets or welding frames, mainly to ensure that the rivet head can be displaced, tilted, slack, lack of meat or "double eyelids", the welding position is correct, the welding spot is too large or too small, is there welding? Clamping or over-welding will cause a stuck rolling table.


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