What materials are used for high temperature bearings

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Generally, bearings used at operating temperatures above 150°C are called high-temperature bearings. As the service temperature of chromium bearing steel exceeds 150~c, its hardness will drop sharply, the size will be unstable, and the bearing will not work normally. The performance of high-temperature bearings largely depends on the properties of high-temperature bearing materials. The bearing rings and rolling elements are usually made of low-alloy, high-purity integrally quenched chromium steel. Carburized steel is used for bearings subjected to high impact loads and alternating bending stresses.



If high-temperature bearings are used in corrosive environments, high-temperature bearing steels are required to have corrosion resistance. The main dimensions and load-carrying capacity of stainless steel standard bearings and integrally hardened steel bearings are the same. In order to maintain its corrosion resistance, the surface must not be scratched during installation and use. The silicon nitride balls produced today are used in ceramic spindle bearings. Ceramic balls are much lighter than steel balls, and the centrifugal force and friction are also significantly smaller than steel balls. This kind of high-temperature bearing can still reach extremely high speed under the condition of grease lubrication and has a long service life and low working temperature.


High temperature bearing steel


In addition to the properties of general bearing steel, high temperature bearing steel should also have certain high-temperature hardness and high temperature wear resistance, high temperature and contact fatigue strength, oxidation resistance, thermal shock resistance and high-temperature dimensional stability.


Commonly used high-temperature bearing steels are molybdenum steel, tungsten steel, tungsten-molybdenum, high-temperature bearing steel and other undissolved forms that can be carbonized at high temperatures and can precipitate and distribute carbides in the tempering process to produce secondary hardening effects, so This kind of steel still has high hardness, wear resistance, strong oxidation resistance, high fatigue strength and dimensional stability at a certain temperature.


High-temperature bearing steel and bearings are the most commonly used; for complex structures, but also bearing strong impact loads, bearings can be made of high-temperature carburized steel. It is a high-temperature carburized bearing steel with better performance. Due to its low carbon content (0.15%), no uneven carbide defects, low annealing hardness, good cutting performance, high toughness and good ductility, it can Increase the forging ratio of bearing parts is conducive to the service life of the bearing. After carburizing, it can be used under the condition of 430 ~ C temperature, and it has good impact resistance. The best performance of high temperature carburized bearing steel at present, but its price is more expensive.


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