The key points of choice of bearing anti-rust oil

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-22

Bearing anti-rust oil not only requires good physical and chemical properties but also can play a role in lubrication, vibration reduction and noise reduction. Therefore, in the selection and treatment of base oil and additives, the cleanliness and vibration reduction effect of the oil is always Important indicators to consider.



1. Oil cleanliness

The user's acceptance of the matching bearings usually adopts the form of direct installation test after the oil seal, without the cleaning process, so the cleanliness of the bearing anti-rust oil will directly affect the vibration and noise reduction effect of the finished bearing. Impurities are an important factor affecting bearing vibration values. Impurities in the lubricating grease will have a bad influence on the noise of the bearing and reduce the service life of the bearing. The reason is that it destroys the integrity of the elastic fluid lubricating film and causes bearing wear. Therefore, the bearing anti-rust oil needs to be filtered and refined to eliminate the adverse effects of impurities as much as possible. In addition, oil precipitation, skinning, stratification, etc. will increase the vibration value of the bearing. Therefore, the clear and transparent bearing anti-rust oil can reduce the vibration value of the bearing. This provides a basis for the selection of anti-rust additives and base oils.


2. The choice of base oil

The anti-rust oil is prepared by base oil and additives. The base oil acts as the carrier of the additives, generally accounting for 80% to 90%. Therefore, the performance of the base oil determines the basic performance of the finished anti-rust oil to a large extent. The vibration value of the bearing decreases as the viscosity of the lubricant increases. This is due to the increase in the thickness of the oil film, and the friction surface gradually tends to be lubricated by elastic fluid from boundary lubrication. When the viscosity of the base oil increases to a certain level, the effect of lower bearing vibration value will not be obvious, but the increase of the viscosity of the base oil will increase the friction torque, resulting in an increase in power loss, which is not conducive to the long-term normal operation of the bearing. Therefore, while meeting the flashpoint safety index and low aromatic content, the lower the kinematic viscosity of the base oil, the better.


3. Selection of additives such as anti-rust

In the anti-rust oil, several additives are generally selected to complement each other to improve its anti-rust performance. Anti-rust additives are linear molecular substances, one end of which is a polar group, which can be firmly bonded to the metal surface of the bearing steel by adsorption; the other end is a solvent-soluble non-polar group with the non-polar group facing outwards. It can form a dense additive adsorption layer on the metal surface to prevent water molecule adsorption and condensation. The purity and stability of rust inhibitors are closely related to the performance of rust inhibitors. Many of the raw materials used in the production of rust inhibitors are highly corrosive acidic substances. If the reaction product is not sufficiently refined, the residual corrosion products will exceed the standard, and the corrosion products will react in the parts where moisture accumulates. At the same time, the synthesis of rust inhibitor is an organic chemical reaction, the reaction speed is slow, the control process is complicated, the reaction product is greatly affected by the reaction conditions, and there are different degrees of side reactions. These factors directly affect the performance and quality of rust inhibitors.


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