Installation precautions of thrust bearing

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-08

The plane thrust bearing mainly bears the axial load in the assembly, and its application is wide. Although the installation and operation of thrust bearings are relatively simple, errors often occur during actual maintenance, that is, the installation positions of the tight and loose rings of the bearing are incorrect. As a result, the bearing loses its function and the journal is quickly worn.


The picture shows that the tightening ring is installed on the end face of the stationary part, that is, the wrong assembly. The inner ring of the tight ring and the journal are in a transitional fit. When the shaft rotates, the tight ring is driven and friction occurs with the end surface of the stationary part. When the axial force (Fx) is applied, the friction torque will be greater than the resistance torque of the inner diameter fit, resulting in tight Forced rotation of the mating surface of the ring and the shaft increases the wear of the journal.


Therefore, the following points should be paid attention to when installing the thrust bearing.


(1) Distinguish the tight ring and the loose ring of the bearing (judging by the inner diameter of the bearing, the difference in diameter is 0.1 ~ 0.5mm).


(2) Distinguish the static parts of the mechanism (that is, the parts that do not move, mainly refer to the assembly).


(3) No matter what the situation, the loose ring of the bearing should always lean against the end face of the stationary part.


Installation method of thrust tapered roller bearing


Thrust cylindrical roller bearings and thrust needle roller bearings are suitable for low-speed occasions. Thrust tapered roller bearings have a slightly flat speed. Thrust bearings mainly bear axial loads in the assembly and are widely used.


There are several thrust pads on both sides of the working surface and a non-working surface of the thrust plate installed on the main shaft, and there is a pinhole on the back of the pad. By this hole, the backing tile is placed on the pin of the mounting ring, and the tile can rotate slightly around the pin.


The pin holes on the pads are set at a distance of 7.54mm from the center, so a wedge-shaped gap is formed between the thrust discs on the working surface of the pads. When the thrust plate rotates, the oil is squeezed in the wedge-shaped gap and the pressure increases, so this oil film has the ability to withstand the axial thrust of the rotor. The mounting ring is placed on the annular seat, and the oil enters the annular oil chamber around the main shaft through the orifice and flows radially between the pads. Leave ample space between the tiles to facilitate oil circulation in the tiles.


The thrust bearing spherical seat is equipped with an oil return indicator oil ring, which forms an annular oil return chamber around the periphery of the thrust plate. Two oil return holes are provided on the top of the oil return baffle ring on the working surface and the non-working surface, and the oil return amount can be adjusted by a needle valve.


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