Causes of bearing burning caused by motor shaft shifting problem phase

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-08

The problem of motor axial movement is usually deep groove ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings. And when it is arranged, one end is positioned axially, and the other end is axially floating. If the axial positioning is reliable, the axial movement of the deep groove ball bearing should be its axial clearance, which is generally not too large but depends on the selected radial clearance. For cylindrical stick bearings (N and NU series bearings), they cannot be used as positioning bearings, otherwise, they will move too much.


Bearing burnt problem

If the positioning bearing bears an excessive axial load, it will cause the bearing to burn. Therefore, when choosing a positioning bearing, it is necessary to understand how large the axial load is and whether the selected bearing can withstand it. If it is a cylindrical stick bearing of the NJ series, this axial load is completely borne by the sliding part, so it cannot. For deep ball bearings, the axial capacity is only 1/4 of the radial at most, which is different for different bearings. Many of today\'s motors have shafts that can move back and forth and are adjusted by a wave spring washer, but they can still move. Shaft systems generally require axial positioning. Therefore, one end is required as the positioning end and the other end as the swimming end. The wave spring is not used for positioning, but for axial preload. Therefore, for cross-positioned motors, there must be axial movement caused by wave spring washers. If you want to control the movement, you should make a traditional positioning end and a non-positioning end, and then add a wave spring washer to the non-positioning end.


Grease has oxidation problems

It is difficult to judge the running state of the bearing according to the change of the grease color of the bearing. Because different greases have different internal additives, different operating conditions, and different temperature ranges, it is impossible to have a unified standard. Even if it is the same grease, the color may be different due to different batches and slightly different formulas. Therefore, the basis of color changes may be different. In addition, even if the grease is not placed in the bearing, it will change color. This is because the grease has oxidation problems.


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