Publishing songs in a website

FTP instructions:

The ftp instructions given here are applicable only to the windows users. The most
common tool for ftp is "WsFTP".

For more details visit:

(1) ( tutorial only , the download link does not work)

For downloading wsftp visit:

(2) (search for wsftp, download and install it)

I. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is FTP?

A: FTP is an acronym for File Transfer Protocol, a method of... you guessed it:
transferring files. Using WSFTP, an FTP client, you can copy files from a remote
server to your disk, or from your disk to the server. Using WSFTP to manage your
personal Web and FTP space, you can create, delete and rename files and
directories, and determine privileges for them.

Q: I have created a home page for my WWW site. How do I make it available on the Web?

A: If your Shadow plan includes personal Web and FTP space, you will want to upload
your html document, and accompanying files, to your www directory on Shadow'sWeb server.

II. Common Procedures

Opening an FTP Connection

1. Open WSFTP.

2. Click Connect.

The Session Profile window appears.check that in the "host type" field
"Automatic detect" is selected. The "profile name" is just a name under which
details specific to a particular host are stored. eg. your host is "xoom" and
your userid is "userid". Let the name of your profile be "my web site".
Once you have entered the other fields (host id, pass, userid etc..) the wsftp
stores these details. So when you close the session and reconnect later
you find that once you type your profile name (in this case "my web site"), you
see that the other fields are automatically filled up (your userid and host name

3. In the Host Name field, type the host address. (the name of the computer you
wish to connect to) eg. if it is the "xoom" srver, type ""

4. In the User ID field, type your username ( or anonymous if you are logging into
some server which allows it)

5. In the Password field, type your password (or your email address if User ID is anonymous).

6. Leave comment field blank

7. Click OK.

The Session Profile window disappears, and the right window (Remote System) displays
the directory listing of the host you have connected to.

III.To upload your files:

Once you are connected you find two windows attached to each other:

(1) Local system
(2) Renote system

>From here it is self explanatory:

The abbreviations used for the operations are (both windows):

(1) Chgdir-------> change directory
(2) Mkdir--------> make "
(3) View---------> view the marked file
(4) Exec---------> execute the marked file
(5) Rename-------> rename the marked file/directory
(6) Delete-------> delete the marked file/directory
(7) refresh------> refresh the window
(8) Dirinfo------> directory information

The files are transferred from/to the local/remote sytem using the arrows.

Three modes of file transfer are possible.

(2) Binary
(3) Auto (this is not a mode but allows the wsftp to choose by itself
the format (ASCII/ Binary) for trasferring the files).

It is better if:

(1).html/ .htm /.ram /.txt files are sent in ASCII format
(2)all other files (.ra/.rm/.gif/.jpg/.mpg/.mp3/.mp2/.wav etc..) in binary format
(3)If there is any confusion, let auto detect be used.

IV.To publish songs follow these steps:

(1) Upload the .ra or .rm songs as given afore.

(2) Let the .ra song be in the location:


(3) Open notepad.

(4) Cut paste this address onto the notepad.

(5) Save it as "song1pointer.ram" in the "all files" mode.

(6) Open wsftp and connect

(7) upload this .ram file through ASCII format into a directory. Let the location
of the file be:


(8) On your .html document where you list the songs, give the link to
the corresponding ".ram file" (not the .rm file)

(9) Once the html document is created and uploaded in ASCII format the link points
to the ram fil and the song is "streamed"

(10) If you wish to allow the audience to download the songs, give another
link. but htis should be for the ".ra /.rm file" and not the .ram file

(11) To play a list of songs:

(a) Open notepad.

(b) you wish to play the songs 1, 2 and 3 whose corresponding ".ra"
or ".rm" files locations are say:
(1) ""
(2) ""
(3) ""

(c) type these locations into the notepad one by one
(do not type numbers, braces etc...only the addresses one by one)

(d) save it as "playmanyofmysongs.ram"

(e) upload this file to server

(f) give a link to this .ram file in the in your .html document.

(g) upload your.html document

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