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<b>Mani Ratnam to direct Sachin Tendulkar</b> Mani Ratnam to direct Sachin Tendulkar

Topic started by hjl (@ on Tue Oct 12 02:34:33 EDT 2004.
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Dil Se: Sachin stars in Mani film
[PTI ]

CHENNAI, Oct 11: Ace batsman Sachin Tendulkar will take part in the shooting of a documentary film, scripted and directed by Mani Ratnam, here on Tuesday to promote the cause of physically challenged persons.

The film, being made for city-based Shakthi Foundation which works for the cause of physically challenged and underprivileged sections, seeks to sensitize people on the issue of providing ramps in public places to ensure a barrier-free environment for physically challenged persons.

"Seeing the struggle of a child in a wheelchair devoid of movement left an impact in my mind, which propelled me to want to form a human network strong enough to lobby for ramps," Tendulkar said in a message.

The batting maestro also appealed to fellow citizens to support the foundation in its efforts to help more children come out and live a quality life.

The batsman, recuperating from a tennis elbow, will be here in the city for the second Test match between India and Australia starting on Thursday.

Tendulkar, along with the other members of the Indian team, had mingled with over 100 physically challenged persons here in August last.

Vasanth Raghuvir, the woman behind the foundation, told PTI that the Persons With Disability Act made it mandatory for public places such as shopping malls and hotels to have ramp facility. But only 47 buildings in the city had ramps.

She said the Tamil Nadu Government had been helpful in this regard

Mani Ratnam and Sachin come together
Sachin Tendulkar may not be playing the Chennai test against Australia. But he is certainly appearing in Mani Ratnam's documentary for a social organisation called Shakthi Foundation on physically challenged kids. Seems like Mani Ratnam wished Sachin to be a part of this documentary and Sachin had agreed instantly. It's reported in today's dailies that the documentary is set to be shot from today in Chennai.

While it came as a surprise to me as I have been looking around and guessing what will be Mani Ratnam's next project after Aayitha Ezhuthu. And a big plus when you know Sachin is also contributing to it. I am not speculating here but only hope Illayaraja would tune for it. Then this event would be a great catalyst to bring together Mani Ratnam and Illayaraja, after a long time.

Update: The shoot is scheduled to held at SAF Tennis Stadium, Nungambakkam.


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