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One thing I want to change in an otherwise good song. One thing I want to change in an otherwise good song.

Topic started by rajaG (@ on Wed Feb 3 18:20:54 EST 1999.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Many of us listen to songs and as we are enjoying it, suddenly cringe at something, be it the music, the note, the singer's voice for that particular part,etc. etc. and wish we had the power to change/delete just that part. Well here we have it now! Please don't recommend entire songs or major parts which we want to be deleted (Udit Narayan trying to sing any TF song, or Asha in engengEy, engengEy). Only select, an otherwise good song with selected part which you think does not belong.

Well here's my start. I wish ARR did not make Chitra scream Anjali Anjali in the song from Duet.


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