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The Perfect Love Duet The Perfect Love Duet

Topic started by Geetha (@ on Wed Jul 21 10:03:33 EDT 1999.
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I have created this thread in order to find out what you guys think is the PERFECT LOVE DUET. By this, I mean a song that depicts Love between two people, lyrically and in the interludes. I would like to see your opinions on 'happy' love duets, where the lovers are overjoyed to have met their life partners.

One song that I can think of is:

Endhan Nenjil Neegaadha Thendral Neethaana from the film Kalaignan - MD, Ilayaraja. This song has a lovely melody(Nalinakanthi Raga, which is a very Happy sounding one), Extremely Rich orchestration, and I believe, really Lovely Romantic Lyrics.


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