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From MSV to IR; From IR to ARR... From MSV to IR; From IR to ARR...

Topic started by Kumar (@ on Fri Nov 5 04:59:17 EST 1999.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Isn't funny that we are in the same transition state like the those people who felt it the 70's. Yes, MSV was a great musician at the that time and even now his compositions are good melodies staying as ever green for us to hear. But he was replaced by IR in the mid 70's and people who grew up listening to MSV never accept that IR's songs are good and different(like for e.g. our parents). We all know that IR is one of the greatest musician India has ever given. But I am seeing the same kind of transition happening in TFM page with bunch of people who support IR strongly not able to accept ARR as the new generation musician. Comparisons of IR with ARR or anybody for that matter can never give as an answer or rather it will lead us to argument for ever and ever… It is the law of nature that what ever goes up at one time should come down, like wise MSV had his peak, IR too, now ARR is climbing that peak and I am sure he will be replaced by somebody when crowd needs that change. To appreciate the best ones the world titles celebrities of yesterday as LEGENDS, celebrities of today as STARS, and keeps waiting for celebrities of tomorrow…

Can we ever understand this? or just we are so scared of changes?


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