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Chennai Filmelodic Orchestra - Is it not a good idea? Chennai Filmelodic Orchestra - Is it not a good idea?

Topic started by INDIAN FILM MUSIC LOVER (@ on Wed Sep 30 01:19:52 EDT 1998.
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A sudden flash in my mind and I think this one is as creative as a film song: Why not we encourage the beginning of a publicly funded society called the Chennai or Indian Filmelodic Orchestra? The objective should be to present in creative and sophisticated forms the various popular genres of Indian music. This should help the new and future generation of listeners to have within their sentimental reach all of IR's film scores, films songs, MSV's film songs, Salil Chowdhury' melodies. I am sure many new singers will be born like you see in Western Philharmonic socieites, such as Opera singers and musicians! So, let us see the vote for a Chennai or Indian Filmelodic Orchestra. This should be mooted with our insatiable goal of "We can also sponsor a IR album"............


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