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IR VS ARR - On the best use of Instruments, Singers IR VS ARR - On the best use of Instruments, Singers

Topic started by Dorairaj Pichaiyan (@ on Fri Aug 27 11:13:33 EDT 1999.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I wonder how IR excels in using the Instruments and sounds that are so apt and appropriate for
the song situation. Even when it comes to the choice of singers IR excels in selecting the best one (including himself ???). Some of the examples of his most approprate selection of singers are

1. SPB - for songs like Vaigarail Vaigai karaiyil
2. KJY - Ammaenrzhaikatha Uyirilleye, All songs in Sindhu Bairavi
3. JeyaChandran - Raasathi onna Kannatha..
4. Malaysia Vasudevan - Oru Thangarathathil, Aaagayaganhai, Kovil Mani Ossai,,,etc.
5. Chitra - Paaddariyeen...
6. SJ - Countless no. of songs

Coming to the other side of TFM, i.e, ARR, he has created some new sounds and music patterns, hatsoff to him. But he still lacks the class of IR
when it comes to the right choice of Instruments for a song, the choice of Tune, use of singers.
For e.g, he has a tendency to choose a new singer for every other movie or song. As a result, there are many crappy singers now dominating very good and established singers like SPB, KJY, Jeyachandran (hardly hear him off late). Further, ARR in the name of freedom to singers has spoilt many a songs which has Shruthi Bedam, Mistake in Tallam and Tamizh kollai.

Any Opinions


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