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Seriously Illaiyaraja Sir, WHY NOT first all of India and then the rest of the world? Seriously Illaiyaraja Sir, WHY NOT first all of India and then the rest of the world?

Topic started by Raja Fan (@ on Thu Apr 8 01:30:02 EDT 1999.
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This is a serious question. Taking off from discussions here, why is IR not taking up doing something on the national film music scene in a more devoted fashion? He has conquered everything in music, eastern, southern and western. But what about Northern (Hindi!!!) Is it because he is afraid of Hindi film culture? Is it because IR has no power over Hindi film producers? Is it a communication thing? Is it because, IR feels he is going to face great deal of threats from underworld dons? Would not IR like national acceptance of his southie compositions? Does not IR have the clout to do his way? Or, is there no challenge from Hindi film music? Or, would IR have not dilute his style totally? If IR's songs are being copied, does that mean that IR's songs are more easy to copy? IR has got able assistants in Karthik Raja and admiration or devotion of a lot of Hindi composers, so what is the delay in not devoting a stage of his life for Hindi film music only and films of other Indian languages in the North? I think this is a significant step for IR's other ventures outside of southie films to gain worldwide popularity. Hindi film music is enjoyed in European and Middle East countries too, where southie film music has currently no reach. If IR makes up his mind, then it is like a foot in the door for southie music of IR and other composers to reach a wider market in North India and the rest of the world too. Seriously, this has to be known to Raja himself and some producers should force IR to step ahead. Any comments on his songs that could have been enjoyed nationally and internationally without being branded southie, what style he should adopt, etc? Right now, IR is in a stage where he has nothing to lose in terms of time and style. Raja has changed in the last few years and is composing even more complex melodies, but still delivering it to a limited and decreasing southie audience in his typical southie style.


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