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Is Illaiyaraja arrogant, proud and headstrong? Is Illaiyaraja arrogant, proud and headstrong?

Topic started by subra (@ on Mon Dec 20 22:39:21 EST 1999.
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Dear IR fans,

People seem to be under the erroneous impression that Illaiyaraja is arrogant, proud and headstrong. Do you think there is any element of truth in this? In my opinion, he is honest, straightforward, and does not have any hypocrisy. He says what it takes guts to express. In my opinion this has been misconstrued as being arrogant and proud. There have been many occasions when he has proved that he is modest. Just because he does not give too many interviews (like others) to counter various allegations against him, he has been given these adjectives. What do you all think? Can tell me of occasions which prove that he is immodest or arrogant, or otherwise?


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