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ToO MuCH mUsic, tOo hEaVy, ToO CoMPleX: wROng aPprOacHE Of rAJA iN tHe 90s ToO MuCH mUsic, tOo hEaVy, ToO CoMPleX: wROng aPprOacHE Of rAJA iN tHe 90s

Topic started by rAJA FaN (@ on Tue May 4 22:59:57 EDT 1999.
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I was listening to Kaadhalar Dinam song: Kaadhelennum Ther.... (the only likeable song in that film by the way and I am in love with this ARR song after so many years!!) I began to understand why IR is losing a hold on today's (students) audience. ARR has very little music to offer and that is his absolute strength! Come On, IR fans look at it in a different perspective. ARRs approach is straightforward. Whatever little, package it well, spread it thin and out, give it a consistent and steady rhythm, forget the interlude, (who can sing them anyway)make it seem more introspective like a cricket 5 day test match, slow, deliberate and enough time in between for discussion on what is likely next, etc. ARR's lack of musical spontaneity is his greatest strenght, whereas IR's spontaneity is his greatest drawback in the all of 90s. Too thick for anyone of today' world to enjoy it in a leisurely pace without being knocked out by the complex arrangements, now very predictable sequences in the pallavi(algorithmic), interludes and charanam (usually where you see the ingenious and unpredictable IR, but even then..) Please don't think that IRs songs before the 90s come under attach here, no way. That is the golden age unfortunately of the analogue age!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But, my intent is to open up a discussion to throw in the many songs that I felt that IR gave too much music and that is why he could not attract the real music buyers (not lovers, mind you, there is a difference!) Even his sons are having so much in each of their songs, it is difficult to enjoy as much as you can enjoy an ARR song, even though you wonder how the heck did you enjoy it. Welcome to the digital world of new age music, where little is much better than a lot of music.


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