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An encounter with IR An encounter with IR

Topic started by Anand Mahadevan (@ on Tue Dec 15 12:05:24 EST 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I was able to have a tete-de-tete with IR at prasad studios.My cousin plays tabla for him.I sneaked with him to the studio and had a 30 mins talk with IR.The topics ranged from GURU to the current trends.
A mention of GURU really brightnend his eyes and IR told me that they did'nt market it alright.
They spent 25 days for re-recording and it was a herculean task.
I also brought in TFM to his knowledge and he seems to be aware of this forum ,"Kelvi pattuiruken".
I told him about the BGM project and following was his reaction in tamil ."Pannalam.Aanal orginal tracks thedi pedikunum".Nalla project".I also asked opinions with sadanand(music director sudarshan's son) ,who is IR's lead guitarist for 20 years.He liked the idea but was wary of copyright problems.
I just came back from chennai after a 2 month vacation.
The BGM project is really exciting.We have to contact individual production companies for the soundtracks.I gave it a shot with raj kamal but could'nt get hold of Kamal.Somebody will have to do the leg work at chennai .we can really pull it off.


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